Your Game Depends On What You Want

Roosh on disqualifying girls who aren’t DTF:

“How do you know when to walk away from an interaction? How do you know when a girl is not a good candidate? First, you’ll need at least twenty notches of experience from cold approaches. You will then pick out the patterns of how those twenty girls responded to your game. If you meet a girl who responds in an opposite way from the pattern, stop talking to her. In essence, you’re testing her to see if she responds in a way that other girls you’ve fucked have responded.

Let me give you two examples from my foreign fuck funnel. When I’m abroad, all girls ask me the same types of questions, which I have scripted answers for. I have found out that girls who want to fuck me the same night tend to give eerily similar responses to my stock answers. This is how I know whether I will fuck her soon or not. If she gives me a response that strays from the optimum, I politely wind down the conversation and find another girl.

Example 1. A girl asks me what I’m doing in her country. My stock response is “Sex and drugs.” If she laughs or says something like “And rock and roll?” then it’s possible she may fuck me that night. If she doesn’t even smile and says, “No, really, what are you doing here,” or gets clearly offended, then she will not fuck me within the timeframe that I desire. Because this question comes within the first five minutes of every approach, it’s a reliable way to quickly eliminate bad prospects before I invest a lot of time.

Example 2. About 30 minutes into an approach, well after touching has commenced and I’m getting close to the kiss, I ask her if she’s getting drunk. She’ll say no and then I respond, “Well then how about I buy you ten shots of vodka and then take advantage of you?” She’ll laugh at this and say she doesn’t want ten shots of vodka. Then I joke, “How about I put a drug in your drink?” I mime the act of drugging her drink. If the girl stiffens up and says, “No drugs you rapist!” then she will not fuck me that night. If a girl laughs, and then soon leaves her drink unattended in my presence, I guarantee you I’m fucking her. It has happened to me countless times where I hit her with my drug joke and she asks me to watch her drink while she goes to the bathroom. Think about that for a second: she’s leaving her drink unattended with a guy who just joked about raping her. Guess what she wants to do in the not so distant future?

With the use of several other tests, I will know within 30 minutes and with 75% certainty if I will get the one-night stand or not. Compare this to my past, where it was common to waste over two hours on a chick to only get a number and not even a kiss. Today that simply doesn’t happen to me because I have my funnel tests that I stick to regardless of how pretty or interesting she is.”

And now today, Roosh on meeting and falling for a Polish girl:

“Little Egg was beautiful, smart, sexy, optimistic, funny, and happy, a former punk kid who grew up faster than her peers, eventually settling into a fashion career. We had great chemistry so I always looked forward to talking and joking with her. I’ll always remember one night she showed up wearing a necklace that had a little gun. It made a click sound when you pulled the trigger. She shot me twice. I never met a girl who made me laugh as much as she did.

I kept Little Egg at arm’s length because I didn’t want to stop whoring. When I wasn’t with her I tried to fuck any Polish girl that could get my dick hard. I had one-night stands every night of the week except Sunday and Monday. Most of my conquests were college girls under 23 years old, nine years younger than me, and six years younger than Little Egg, the most mature and grounded of them all. I was living my dream, my dick was living its dream, and all was good in the world. I found my utopia.

It didn’t last long. Little Egg went cold on me after two months, suddenly busy when she wasn’t busy before. Was she tired of my reluctance to advance the relationship or did she meet someone else? I’ll never know. Summer arrived and all the students left, leaving the city a shell of its spring self. The pussy switch flicked to the off position. No more one-night stands and no more easy lays. My dream gradually turned into a nightmare. I lost the Polish magic.”

The problem with refining your game to optimize one-night stand conversion rates is that you’ll end up screening out the girls who would be interested and/or worthy of something more. This isn’t a problem if you just want one-night stands, but if – like most men – you’re interested in a broader spectrum of romantic relationships, you’ll want to make subtle changes to your game to include a wider funnel.

Many of the fine gentlemen in this corner of the blogosphere like to rag on the sorry state of American women, and we make a lot of valid points. But it’s also true that we’ve chosen, by the actions we take and the personalities we portray, to attract the crazy, low self-esteem, slutty, and impulsive ones.

If you’re doing well at racking up notches, but haven’t found any girls worth calling for a round 2, try an experiment:

– Imagine a girl that you would want to get involved with in an ongoing relationship.

– Ask yourself: What does she do with her time? Where does she go? What type of places does she spend her time in?

– Now ask yourself: What kind of game would she respond well to? Would your ideal girl respond well to your standard club game? Probably not. Imagine the  game that would work on a girl you’d want to date.

Now, you’ve got your ideal woman. You know where she goes, and what kind of game will work on her. So go to those places. Run that game, even if it’s more “beta” than you’re used to, and even if it results in fewer lays.

I occasionally run a style of game that is direct, genuine, and vulnerable. If I see a cute girl, who for whatever reason immediately strikes me as a smarter, classier, and sweeter than most, I’ll approach her confidently, but semi-nervously, and say, “Hey, I just wanted to come over and say that I think you’re really cute, and something made me really want to come over and talk to you.” (Or something like that.)

Is it “tight game?” Nope. It’s apologetic. It’s supplicative. It’s pure pedestalization. But surprisingly, it’s pretty effective. And the girls who respond to it sarcastically – who I probably could have gotten more interest from if I’d come in with more swagger – they’re a dime a dozen anyways.