Start a blog, that is. My answer: Why the hell not? But my granddaddy taught me to never trust a man whose motives you don’t understand. Having now passed that advice on to you, I feel I should explain my reasons for writing Freedom Twenty-Five.

Or at least try to. “Why the hell not” pretty much covers it. I woke up one day, took a look at my life and decided it wasn’t the one I wanted to be living. I realized that I needed to radically change my habits if I wanted to radically change my results. Writing prolifically and publicly about my dreams and fears seemed like a major, comfort-zone-shaking change, so I started doing it.

Passion and a manic episode will only take a man so far though. Why am I channeling my surplus energy into writing instead of, say, cocaine? Well, starting a blog is cheaper. But it also benefits my life in a few other specific ways:

Selfish blog rationale #1) I can open up my goals to the world at large, and subject myself to ridicule if I don’t follow through on them. If I publish my plans to, say –  make a billion dollars, sleep with Beyonce and replace Keith Richards as lead guitarist for The Rolling Stones, all in a single weekend – then I’d better actually do it, or I’ll have failed my legions of devoted readers.

Selfish blog rationale #2) Writing for an audience forces me to be honest with myself. I had thought that I understood my situation and thought processes perfectly, until I tried to write them all down. Then I realized that my razor-sharp self-awareness was actually just an amorphous blob of unarticulated feelings, half-thoughts and unfocused energy.

Selfish blog rationale #3) I want to get paid to write. If this blog becomes wildly popular, I can sell ebooks, “real” books, and give paid talks. Or, I could just cover the site with pop-ups and sell my mailing list to Nigerian ex-royalty.

Selfish blog rationale #4) Why does a man do anything in his life? I want to meet hot babes who like bloggers. Ladies, you know you’re out there. Until I achieve C-list internet fame though, I can still somewhat-plausibly tell girls I meet that I’m a “writer.”

Selfish blog rationale #5) Not to get all mushy, but I think a lot of people my age are feeling the same malaise I am. Maybe I can inspire a few of them to snap out of it. That feels good.

So that’s where I’m coming from. Freedom Twenty-Five is going to help me set goals, sort through my thoughts, and let me sleep better at night knowing I’m trying to make the world a better place. Also, I want to get money, get famous, and get laid. Don’t we all?