Why You Need To Learn Game

If you’re twenty one and not getting laid, I don’t have to sell the idea of game to you. Your mind is consumed by the conscious desire to get laid, and you will run through walls if you think there’s pussy on the other side.

Resistance to learning game usually comes from men who are somewhat, but not superlatively successful with women.”I don’t need Game! I have a girlfriend!/I get laid!/I’m married!”

Well, OK. But beyond a small circle of banana republic dictators, professional athletes, and a few absolute masters of pick-up, no man is as successful with women as he wants to be. I’m certainly not. Ask yourself: If you had the power to instantly seduce and have sex with any woman you ever saw, would your life be any different? If so, you have work to do. And until you do it, focusing on anything else will be impossible:

“This is where Game comes in. Without Game, the desperate pursuit of sex takes up 90% of the average man’s day. 10% he might spend feeding his body – one hour of his workday would pay for the food he needs and another for the shelter (that is, a place to sleep – not a place to show off as a status symbol in the quest for sex). The rest of the day he is working for sex. Buying his big house and car, paying off the mortgage, getting a new suit – doing these things, he is paying for sex. Watching TV at home, he is trying to calm his restless instincts that are making him feel bad about not having sex – “look!”, he unwittingly tells his instincts, “hot women on TV! I’m looking at hot women, I must be about to get laid! Look, sports! It’s a status competition! I must be about to achieve status and get laid! Look, a video game! I must be about to kill a fearsome enemy and complete a quest that will get me sex!” His instincts believe these illusions and tone down the torment just a little bit, allowing him to feel a tiny measure of relaxation before the next day’s toil.

With Game comes freedom, but it comes in degrees. It’s not going to be as easy as microwaving a pizza, but it’s going to get a lot easier than it has been so far. With a moderate grasp of Game, the man might still be doing the same things, but getting results. He might still spend all day chasing satisfaction for those reproductive instincts, but he would be getting it. He would feel good about it. The work would not be fruitless. He might be happy with this life – he’s getting the sex he wants, and even if he’s working all day for it, what better things are there to do with his day than that? He probably can’t think of any. This life would be the dream of at least 90% of men.

The reason I place such great value on Game is that it is one of the most important – if not the single most important life-improvement pursuit a man can undertake. Aware of it or not, practically all men’s lives are completely ruled by their reproductive instincts, and Game is the key to freedom from that prison. Or rather, you are still in prison, but the prison is now such a nice place that you never feel desperate enough to claw at the walls. Your instincts are still what they are, but now they are satisfied and do not have the power to make you unhappy. They cannot make you suffer by forcing you to work for status symbols, put up with bitchy girlfriends, feel restless and unsatisfied without a sexual outlet, etc.. The power of the instincts is in the suffering they cause when not satisfied – when you can give your instincts exactly what they want without needing to compromise any part of your life, they lose their power over you.

This is why Game is so crucially important. As long as you spend your life working as a slave to your instincts, you will not be happy. If you can’t remove the instincts, you can at least remove the slavery. Make satisfying the instincts easy and fun, and your slavery turns into a joyride, a vacation. Freedom. Then, you can work on the whatever else in your life needs improving. Then, you can work on enlightenment. Then, you can do whatever you want… but first, you need to fill the gaping maws of those desperately hungry instincts that make your life the hell that people call ‘normal’ .”

If  you aren’t getting everything you want from your relationships with the women in your life, every layer of your mind will be singularly focused on righting that wrong. This isn’t to say you’ll do nothing but surf Match.com by day and hit the club seven nights a week. Throughout history, men have created masterpieces, advanced technology, built and ruined empires with energy fueled by their subconscious hind brain desire to put their penises inside vaginas and move them around until they make a mess. The world we live in is little more than the extended phenotype of our horny ancestors.

So what would you do, if you could get laid at will, were confident that no one could take that away from you, and had thus (partially, at least) freed yourself from the biological imperative to create things to impress girls?

For the first time in your life, you’d be able to ask yourself: What do I really want to create? For myself? How do I want to spend my time on this planet, since I no longer have anyone to impress? Whatever you did from that point on, it would be yours. If you want to change the world, start getting laid first. Otherwise you’ll always be fighting against the part of your brain screaming “Fuck this! Let’s get some PUSSSAAYYY.”