Why Game Works (For Now)

The dirty little secret is that game doesn’t “really” work aside from boosting your chances just a very little bit, for precisely the reason you state – it is ridiculous to think that putting on an “act” will not be seen through almost right away, and in practice it is. How many people are grade A actors? All those guys who act macho and are self-consciously alpha are pretty much seen through right away, not just by the girls, but by surrounding men. Any “act” – a set of behaviors that do not express your true personality but are adopted in order to impress others – is very hard to pull off for any length of time, even for trained actors.

There is a small number of men who have certain masculine traits by nature, but were repressing them because of social rules. Game might liberate them, and I think this is what accounts for the perception that game works. But if a man does not naturally have these personality traits, game cannot give them to him.

Beyond that, there is a fundamental fissure point in the whole theory – “strength” requires that someone has a set of principles that he adheres to despite what other people think. When you adopt the mindset that all your actions must be tailored to impress others, as Game encourages you to do, you become weak, not strong, and you put on an act that will be seen through.

There is simply something very inconsistent in game theory. People have noticed that certain behaviors have the power to be attractive to women, but have failed to notice that those behaviors are such that involve having firm principles you don’t deviate from even if the woman does not like you for it.


“Here’s my hypothesis. 21st century men who practice game did not learn how to be Real Men. They just unlearned the social norms of the post-feminist American Empire that had turned them into pathetic, mewling, chumps.”

A very perceptive observation. My father is a classical old-school pre-feminism alpha. He worked a ton, so I didn’t get that info download as a kid–I got schooled in second-wave feminism behaviors from my schoolteachers, whom were mostly old slags with cats at home instead of men. I used to think my dad was kind of a jerk–always the attitude of amused mastery, will tease anyone about anything, any time. He exhibits massive frame dominance. Incidentally, he’s been married for 40+ years to my very feminine, lady-like mom, and they’re both happy.

Greg–I hate to shit in your oatmeal, my good man, but your professed “dirty little secret of game” doesn’t hold water. Game can be learned. It’s tough, it’s a hard road, and ultimately only a small portion of men have the fortitude and intelligence needed to learn game, but still, men do learn to change their basic comportment. And that’s what it is–a basic sea-change, a tidal movement of a man’s internal masculinity sense. That’s why it’s called internal game. It’s the only type, really. All the routines, the lines, the other BS is simply a proxy, a framework with which to work until a man has successfully internalized the belief structure that internal game requires, and that is nothing less than the unshakeable conviction, the cellular-level belief that we are truly valuable for our presence alone as men. Which is true for any man who believes that to be true and whom has the cojones to bring that authentic masculine presence into any situation. It’s not acting. it’s a way of being. And there’s no one to impress but yourself. Your line there about impressing others gave it all away–the whole point of internal game is to NOT GIVE A FUCK about what anyone things. Not a soul. Except you. Only your opinion of yourself mattter to you (or should, if you’ve internalized your own worth properly). As Kanye West says, “I don’t need your pussy lips, I’m on my own dick.” He’s a prototypical asshole douchebag, he exhibits beta slips here and there, but he’s got mad balls & creativity, and largely doesn’t give a fuck what others think. To sum up, there’s nothing inconsistent about game, it’s only your own comprehension of its nuance that is incomplete.

Incidentally, I don’t consider myself a PUA, either. I find the term reprehensible and stupid. I don’t really have a term that I use to describe myself in that way. I’m just a man, doing what men have always done, learning to access more and more of my own true masculine power. And that, gentlemen, works.