Where Does It End?

Every year, my beliefs are becoming more out of step with the rest of the world. This has been a roughly monotonous trend since I became a Libertarian in middle school. It’s been a fun ride.

But here’s a question: Where does it all end? There appears to be a lifecycle to the typical man’s induction into Red Pill thought:

– First he discovers that some smart guys have reasoned out some ideas that can help him get laid.

– He pulls on that string a little, and starts seeing the link between our dysfunctional sexual marketplace and Feminism.

– Then he clicks around a bit, and Whoa! Why are my pick-up artist buddies linking to evil dirtbags like Steve Sailer, Chuck Ross, and…. well. Hmm. OK Then. Come to think of it, the feminists and race hustlers actually are the exact same people, making the exact same arguments, with the exact same agenda. Right.

From there, the sharper knives will gravitate towards Moldbug, Foseti, Vox Day, Bruce Charlton, and the like. After that… who knows what comes next? The trend line points in disturbing direction. Inevitably, we must draw one of three conclusions:

1) Hitler did nothing wrong

What meaning is there in a material world? A case can be made that there is but one game to play in a material world: Survival. It is the only game that counts, and it is a game we’ve been wired to play: Maximizing the presence of our genes in subsequent generations. The obvious path to achieving this goal is simple: Make babies. In the bigger picture though, the genetic war of all against all will reward those who can make common cause with those genetically similar to them, to sterilize and murder those who aren’t.

If you adopt such a view of life, you’re ideological differences with the Nazis come down to questions of tactics. This Argumentum ad Hitlerum probably makes you uncomfortable, but it doesn’t make you wrong.

2) I’ll be poolside

So it’s bio-mechanics all the way down, is it? Fine. But I’ll not be a slave to my genes. I may their slave, but I am a clever trickster of a slave, and can often lure them into giving me what I want. I can deceive them with contraception, porn, video games, TV and narcotics. I can recognize the world as utterly pointless, and my own roll as a moist robot pulling levers for pellets of food. Fuck it all, I can say. Bring on the pellets.

3) But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you

If there is any more to it all than dopamine receptors and the proliferation of my Y-chromosome, there is a God. He may not be a Christian God. His nature may be inherently confusing or even unknowable to us. But if their are such things as justice, righteousness, and decency, they do not come from man.


That’s it, friend. Those are the options. Not the sort of thing you want to think about after a bottle of whiskey or a few drops, but there you have it: The world we live in is some combination of evil, pointless, or justly condemning me to hell for the choices I’m making.

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