What’s Going To Happen On December 21st?

For those not yet in the know: I’m now blogging about health, women and general lifestyle optimization topics at Thumotic. I’m leaving this blog up though, partly for the archives, and partly because I want a separate outlet for when I feel like writing about weird shit. Such as: The Apocalypse.

The world, I’m told, is ending on December 21st, 2012.

Crazy? Perhaps. But every epoch has to end sometime, and ours looks like it’s running out of gas sooner rather than later. The naive, optimistic whig historians among us will scoff, but no clear-eyed man can deny that there is a solid case to be made for a looming era of chaos and discord. Especially if we’re on the brink of a magnetic reversal or little ice age.

Simultaneously, both the USA and EU are on the brink of total economic collapse. The streets of our cities are increasingly consumed with ethnic, religious and political conflict.

Are you familiar with Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious?

I believe George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series (highly recommended) has tapped into something that perceptive people are feeling: Summer is over. Winter is coming. It looks to be a long one, and we’re not well-prepared.

I also believe that the growing interest in zombie-related fiction reflects the subconscious recognition that it might be prudent to let our imaginations run a bit wild, pondering what life might be like in a post-collapse world.

As Israel is surrounded by fresh and hostile enemies on all sides, as governments and families go bankrupt, as society crumbles and barbarism takes hold of the hearts of men all around us – is it so hard to believe that maybe, just maybe, the Mayans knew something about civilization, solar cycles, earth’s magnetic fields, our climate, that we don’t? Or that they were in contact with someone who did?

Truly, I don’t believe they were. Yes, I think the present order is collapsing. Yes, I think it will be painful, at least in the short term. But I would lay money that the end of the Mayan calendar is completely meaningless. I’m celebrating the last night of the era by getting wasted from a bowl of jungle punch at a friend’s penthouse. But, there may be a lot about the world that we don’t know. I’m careful not to rule out crazy ideas just because they’re “superstitious” or “conspiracy theories.”  The possibility of there being some significance to the end of the Mayan calendar is one such idea.

Above all else though, here’s what convinced me:


Buckle your seat belts, kids