Two Links

“…as men, we should be above the fray of women. We needn’t sink to their levels, their gossip, their cares, their insecurities, we needn’t worry ourselves as they do. We have no cause to wrestle in the grime that women love to muck about in. How often do we hear them gossip? How often do they ramble on and on about trivial things? Are we not men? Do we not forge ahead and stand silent in the face of these womanly worries? What need have we to descend to their level? It is they that should aspire to ours, my young friend, and many do aspire. Yet they that are wise women know that we will always be different. They embrace what is good in them and understand the difference between men and women. And so should we.”

And from Ferdinand Bardamu, The Age Of Onanism, a 99c Kindle download.

The essay itself if great – one of the best that Ferd has written in my opinion, and I consider that to be saying a lot.

I’m also interested to see how interested readers are in this sort of publication – a relatively short, inexpensive, director’s cut edition of an earlier blog post. The traditional publishing world is dying, and something is going to rise up and take its place. Ferdinand, myself, Roosh, Naughty Nomad and others are all experimenting and trying to connect directly with readers through blogs.

But what will be the final business model that readers and writers settle on? Premium content? Donations? Subscriptions? Free blog posts and paid-for books? Free books and paid-for premium blog posts?

It’s an exciting time to be a writer – great time to start a blog, if you’re interested – and also a great time to be a reader.

If you’re an In Mala Fide Reader, spend less than a cup of coffee on a polished version of some of Ferdinand’s best work: The Age Of Onanism.

Question for discussion: How do you think readers and writers will interact with each other in the coming decades? What kind of publications do you think I should focus on to offer you, the reader, the most value?