Two Games

The modern man has two games to play.

We’re all familiar with The First Game. The rules are: Have meaningless sex with slutty girls, then go brag about it on the internet. We’ll be no strangers to The First Game here at Sex and Cash, in the coming months.

The Second Game is much less talked-about, but the challenge is greater, the strategy and tactics are more complex, and the stakes are infinitely higher. The rules of The Second Game are: Find a girl with high-quality genes to mate with, and raise your offspring in a safe and stimulating environment, so that they can take a shot at conquering the world.

A lot of men claim to have no interest in playing The Second Game. They wail:

“There are no good women left!”

“Divorce theft!”

“All the married men I know are sad sacks!”

“Why would I want kids brah? I get laid all the time!”

The Rationalization Hamster, aka Cricetidae Cricetinae Rationalus comes in both male and female variants. Yes, some men are genuinely content to lead a barren, childless existence. But many more are just lying to themselves. They are afraid, because even though some have mastered The First Game, The Second Game is an order of magnitude more difficult.

How difficult? Well, consider the following traits, which I consider to be the absolute base requirements for a woman who I would eventually consider as a potential mother of my children:

1) Under 25 years old

2) Comparable IQ to myself

3) Physically healthy and beautiful

4) Christian

5) A Virgin

6) The product of a stable and loving family

7) Sweet, kind, feminine and nurturing

8) Committed to devoting her 20s and 30s to bearing and raising children


What percentage of modern American women fit these criteria? Once upon a time, a healthy majority of men could marry a woman who fulfills all of the above*. Today, we are hunting for a few grains of sand scattered within miles and miles of obese, slutty, femi-brainwashed beach.

To make matters more difficult, our success in The First Game can potentially hurt us in the eyes of decent, marriageable women. Good girls don’t want a husband whose partner count is creeping up into the triple digits. In fact, whether or not a girl is open to dating a guy like me is a good litmus test for whether she’s worth a commitment or not. Ah, the irony.

Furthermore, all of the habits, mannerisms and attitudes I’ve cultivated in a decade of playing The First Game, will cut my legs out from under me when I start playing The Second Game. Standard Asshole Game penetrates your typical discardable American woman like a hot icepick through butter, but repels the small percentage who actually deserve better. When the day comes that I’m ready to trade the first game for the second, will I be able to radically flip a decade of ingrained personality traits on a dime? Will I be able to seamlessly transition into Compliment and Cuddle?

No, I won’t. Nor will I ever want to. Nor will I ever have to. The truth is, ex-cads are the only men with a boner’s chance at a Slutwalk rally of actually achieving a stable and healthy family life in their middle age. Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at why.