Two Games, Part Deux

Yesterday, we compared the Two Games that 21st century men must play. I claim:

Ex-cads are the only men with a boner’s chance in a slutwalk rally of actually achieving a stable and healthy family life.

There are a few reasons why this is true.

1) Women of all degrees of moral fortitude, even the marriageable ones, are attracted to dominant men who take what they want and bend the world to their will. Putting on a fuzzy hat and goggles and going to the club, whatever else you might say about it, is action.

2) A decent woman won’t give half a shit about the minute details of your ability to verbally spar with her, to say nothing of card tricks and Cosmopolitan-quiz cold read routines. But the successful pick-up artist must acquire a vast and mostly unconscious foundation in basic social skills, which he can translate into power and success in all facets of his life – including traditional courtship.

3) Men who study game and chase women in their twenties tend to be smarter, more curious, more adventurous, more interesting, and more chock-full of life experiences. We tend to travel more, we tend to say “yes” more when people invite us places, we tend to spend our free time improving ourselves. In short, we tend to be better than your average self-styled righteous man, biting his tongue through Sunday sermons indistinguishable from a sophomore feminist critical theory seminar, yet utterly convinced of his piety.

So heads up quiet, obedient, chinless Churchian men: The pick-up artists have caught the scent of your relatively unsullied women, and we are coming for them. Whether our conversions are genuine or not is irrelevant to you. Your faux-Christian weekly social club is soon to be beset by an influx of thirty-something Lotharios. Learn Game and deprogram yourself from the Cultural Marxism that you picked up from your pastor as much as any Gender Studies professor or episode of Glee, because you’ll eventually go toe to toe for the souls of your women, against those of us who have.

Or don’t. But even if you trust your women and your Church to keep the community you love free of sociopathic interlopers such as myself, here is the one ultimate reason why any man who eventually wants to marry a decent woman must put in his years as a cad:

Men need to learn how to identify slutty, crazy and dishonest women.

And the only way to develop the ability to consistently identify slutty, crazy and dishonest (SCaD) women in the field, is to spend a decade or so wallowing around in the slop pond of the modern dating scene. As we established in Two Games, looking for a decent women today is like looking for a few grains of sand along miles of slutty, obese, femi-brainwashed beach.

Friends, sit down and internalize this reality: The vast majority of men in our generation will never find a good wife.

A man who spends his early years fully immersed in the blindered pursuit of “good” women will see only the extremely limited and rosy view that such women choose to present to boyfriend-material potential suitors. Much is made of how constant failure with women engenders bitterness among young beta men, but as Heartiste Thursday wrote, success with women is more disillusioning than failure.

A man should never buy a used car, unless he knows enough about cars to confirm that the one he picks isn’t a piece of shit that will fall apart four blocks from the lot.

Similarly, a man should never marry, unless he knows enough about women to confirm that his choice of a wife isn’t giving off a dozen subtle SCaD red flags. You can learn a lot about the world from books and blog posts, but some lessons need to be learned directly.

Young beta men, are your hearts set on marrying? Well, how will you feel after:

– Listening to a married woman order her weak husband to pick up their two children from school, minutes after you’ve barebacked her

– Over and over again, witnessing the ease with which girls will forget about their boyfriends and make out with you, pass you their number, or go home with you, once their attraction circuits are lit up

– Having countless conversations with girls you are banging about the highly-sanitized version of their sexual history they release to men who give off any whiff of a provider vibe

– Spending hundreds of hours in bars and clubs, watching the young women who you plan to turn into housewives, drinking themselves retarded and stumbling out at three AM with whoever’s game (or merely logistics) were tightest that night.

Does it corrode a man’s soul to expose himself to this kind of cynicism? I argue that truth is never bad for the soul. No one is served by your willful ignorance of the dark corners of the human psyche, except those who will exploit you for it. A man who deliberately goes into his hunt for a wife with one eye sewed shut is a fool and a coward.

A man who closes his eyes and plugs his ears to the carnality around him, because he is too Good, too Righteous, too Godly to bear it, is a coward. True Christians: Depending on how you translate the Greek Porneia, playing a spirited game of catch and release will allow you to keep your soul clean while glimpsing into the nature of the beast. There is no excuse for avoiding the due diligence on the most important decision of your life.

As for the rest of us: The Manosphere has been up in arms over whether men should marry or not. Donlak says yes. Gentleman Poet collects a few responses. (To clarify the debate: Marriage for the sake of itself is clearly a fool’s errand. For simplicity, let’s call any attempt to pursue fatherhood via some traditional family unit “marriage.”) My position is, whether a man pursues fatherhood in the face of the 21st century sexual dystopia is a deeply personal choice, and only a fool would suggest that all men should choose one way or the other. But here are three facts I know to be true:

1) Bachelorhood is preferable to marrying an unworthy woman, both practically and spiritually. The act of “marrying” an obese, un-submissive, high partner count woman should be deeply offensive to every man’s dignity, his principles, and if he’s into that sort of thing, his God.

2) The majority of young men will eventually want a traditional family.

3) The vast majority of young American women are unmarriageable.

So let’s do the math. Carry the one and… hmm. How sad. Some men will expatriate. Some will find and lock down the precious few decent women who remain. But the majority will either compromise their dignity, or remain childless.

Family-inclined men, will you give up on your dreams of fatherhood? Or will you permit your future wife to walk down the aisle to Lil John? “The sweat drips down my balls! The sweat! The sweat!”

One is tempted to throw up his hands, say fuck it all to hell, go under the knife, and go kicking and screaming and fucking and partying into the night of genetic irrelevance. I completely respect any man who chooses to walk this path. Perhaps I’ll eventually join you.

But not yet. I’m not ready to give up on my genetic legacy. I’m not ready to let my father’s life of sacrifice for his children to be in vain. I’m not ready to relinquish the possibility of the joy I saw him experience in doing so. It’s an uphill battle, but maybe – just maybe – it’s still possible to build a traditional family, even in the Godless, broken, apocalyptic wasteland of the 21st century western world. The odds are against us. The world is against us. But what sort of men are we, if mere adversity forces us to back down from what we want?

Men who are with me, there is only one way forward, and that is play the Two Games. One is mere practice for the other. One is for show, the other for keeps. One is simple enough, the other might be more difficult than anything else we’ll ever do. And one thing is sure: Only the masters of the First Game can hope to succeed in Second.

And so out we go: To the clubs, to the bars, to the coffee shops, the online dating sites – for they are our labs, our practicum, and our internships. They are the teachers who will show us how to find what few worthy women remain; how to identify them; how to tame them. Or, they will teach us that the whole project was doomed from the start, and the genetic cul de sac is truly is our only option.

If this is to be our fate, let us accept it. But not without a fight.