Throwback Week, Day 1: Roissy

There are a few names used to describe the loose collection of blogs that address the intersection of gender politics and seduction – The Alternative Blogosphere, The Manosphere, The Evil Patriarchy. None has really caught on, and maybe it’s better that way. But if any single writer is worthy of this community’s eponymous tribute, it is Roissy, founder of the Roissysphere.


In 2007, there was the seduction community: A community of men exchanging information on the crimson arts, sharing their experiences and working to improve their ability to succeed with women. It was a community plagued by the cancers of shady commercialization, keyboard jockeys, and utopian moralizations such as the idea of leaving women better than you found them, but it was a valuable tool for the modern man nonetheless.

In 2007, there was also the highly-developed field of evolutionary psychology. The idea that selective pressures have shaped contemporary human behaviour is painfully obvious to those who know of what they speak, but political correctness has kept the field’s unsavoury conclusions outside the ken of non-specialists. Many pick-up artists had learned and applied the principles of ev psych, but for each who did, five more were too muddled by Gouldian misinformation to properly wield the tools they had stumbled across.

Also in 2007, there was a small Traditionalist/PaleoCon intellectual movement. Their views on the sexual marketplace and hook-up culture contained some truth, but they were generally crippled by the modern Conservative White Knight’s inability to ascribe any responsibility whatsoever to women’s dating decisions. This movement was also a circle-jerk of the old and aging, with neither the ability nor the desire to reach out to the younger generations to whom the work of actually fixing our society will necessarily fall.

Roissy was the voice that clarified a unified theory of these three separate fields: Seduction, Sociobiology, and Conservatism. More importantly, he delivered his message in a style that resonated with legions of young men – most of whom had never considered the political implications of Game.

For most, the initial draw of Roissy was simple: This guy can help me get laid. Classic posts such as The Sixteen Commandments of Poon, The Dating Market Value Test, and the hundreds of posts in the Game category archive give men useful, practical information that they can use to improve their sex lives. But those who stick around quickly learn that the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Roissy may claim to be a hedonist, unconcerned with the fate of the world other than insofar as it impacts his life, but with dozens of posts in the Goodbye America, Misandry, and Globalization categories, his actions betray his words. Roissy is interested in the decline of western civilization, and not just because the decline is interested in him.

Roissy (recently re-christened as the Heartiste) continues to make a strong contribution to the now-mature Roissysphere. But before you read any of his new posts – or anyone else’s for that matter – spend an afternoon reading the historical, ground-breaking early years. Start with the first page of the archive here. Read and click through to “Newer Posts” until you’ve reached the present day. I promise you it will be a more rewarding experience than checking your Twitter feed.

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