The Three Iron Laws Of Working In A Modern Bureaucracy

For the first time at my corporate job, I ran into this recently.

Without giving too much away, another department needed a mass fix on a bunch of client information, which my team is responsible for. We fix shit, update new stuff, and keep everything accurate. Most of the changes we make are small but incredibly necessary in times when shit does go wrong.

But, because of the time factor, we were told to update stuff to fit the computer logic formulas so it wouldn’t trip our system, not to asses accuracy and fix incorrect shit. We normally have procedures for this that allow us to make mass fixes CORRECTLY, but it takes a couple of days. I came across multiple files that were missing information or downright incorrect, but the instructions were clear- format, not accuracy. Speed over thoroughness.

Now, not only will the info continue to be incorrect in the future, potentially costing time and money, since it is formatted correctly it won’t trip our system logic that kicks it out to us for fixing.

Completely wasted time, and now things will be worse off for the department than before if things ever go wrong. Seriously, with the nature of what we handle my conscience was nagging me the whole time. But, upper management decreed, so we performed.

The only upside- my team’s asses are covered.