The Next Step

Raging narcissist that I am, I like to imagine all of my readers furiously clicking their “refresh” buttons in between my posts, pausing only to sprint to the bathroom and kitchen a few times a day. This delusion compels me to write this post and clear something up.

When I started the Freedom Twenty-Five blog, it quickly became a big part of my life. I posted ~5 times a week, I spent many hours reading and commenting on other blogs, corresponding with other writers, thinking about new post ideas, and generally thinking a lot more about Freedom Twenty-Five than any other aspect of my life. I was addicted. Getting a promotion at work wasn’t nearly as exciting as getting linked to by my favourite writers from around the blogosphere and watching my subscriber numbers spike.

Since then, the pace at which I’ve been making new posts has slowed a bit. I’ve been spending less time writing posts, and I’d rather publish one that I’m proud of in a given week than three that are muffins. Sifting through my archives, I think that many of this summer’s posts are some of my best, but it’s undeniable: There are fewer of them.

If I were a loyal reader of Freedom Twenty-Five rather than its author, here’s what I would assume:

“Frost seems like a good kid. I think he helped himself and others a lot by writing his blog. Like most guys his age, he had a little quarter-life crisis when he graduated, and he needed to make some changes and do some therapeutic blogging so he could get his head straight. But now, he’s probably cooled down a bit. He’s realized that working for a living isn’t the worst thing in the world. Maybe he’s negotiated some time off to do some traveling. Maybe he’s settled down with a nice girl. Whatever the case, he’s made his peace with the realities of life, and he’s ready to settle down into what will hopefully be a stable and happy middle-class life. Thanks Frost, for writing some funny posts, and even a few that taught me how to live a better life. I hope you enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope you find time in your busy life to continue your weekly updates“

Is that about right?

The truth is that while I started off writing about grand plans, unrealistic goals, and a life of traveling the world and experiencing all it has to offer, I haven’t written anything like that in a while. Each of those posts is from my first mont, back when I had two subscribers, both of them me. I had nothing, but I was going to conquer the world.

And now, almost a year later…

Well, it’s like I said. I’m posting less. I haven’t made any grand announcements of life-altering plans. I made a lot of noise about opting out of the conventional life plan, shaking things up and taking risks, and now appear to have realized that maybe it’s not so bad after all. Maybe nine-to-five drudgery wasn’t worth it for $X dollars a year, but at $X  + Promotion + Raise, who knows? There IS a new condo development going up close to my office.

So that’s the impression I would have gotten. Many, if not most men get a year or so into their grown-up lives and have a mini crisis. Almost all of them eventually make peace with the lives they’re expected to lead. It might even be the smart thing to do, and I completely respect anyone who takes that path. But…

(Pause for effect)

I have other plans.

I’ll be making several major announcements on October 3rd, 2011.

October third is the one-year anniversary of my first post. On that day, my life is going to radically change. Freedom Twenty-Five is going to radically change. I’m going to be taking a step that the vast majority of people in the world, my friends and family included, will think is incredibly stupid. Everyone that is, except those of you who read this blog, and understand who I am at least as well as all but a few of my real-life friends. Believe me when I write that it is very, very hard for me to stay quiet right now, but what can I do? I appreciate the theatrical, and October 3rd not just be the one-year anniversary of the Freedom Twenty-Five Project, but also the day it takes a running, flying leap towards becoming something much more ambitious.