The New Anthropology: Not Completely Batshit Insane

Allow me to introduce you to an odd friend of mine. His name is Koanic, and chances are he’s plotting your death as I write.

Confused? Allow me to explain. Koanic is a Neanderthal, you see. Also, part Melonhead. As such, he has no patience for savage Cro-Magnon simpletons, such as (perhaps) yourself. Hope that clears things up.

Still confused? Well, hold on to your dick, because it only gets weirder from here on in.

As a Freedom Twenty-Five, Manosphere, Red Pill kinda guy, you’re well accustomed to the fact that reality is often much, much different from the picture that conventional sorts of people would have you believe. Remember when you had your first dose of Roissyesque gender relations, Sailerist thoughtcrime, or Moldbuggian hisotrical revision? How shocking it felt, at first, only to grow over time into the near-certain belief that 99% of your peers are completely deluded about core aspects of life? Hold onto those memories as you read this post.

Today’s topic is: Anthropology. The study of humanity. Simple enough right? We all know the most fashionable view of humanity, i.e. are all God’s chilluns, tabula rasas waiting to be inscribed by lightworkers with M.Eds at the Department of Education.

The New Anthropology has a, er , somewhat different view of things. The New Anthropology holds that modern humans are the descendants of several different races of hominids. Here are some NA claims that are almost certainly true:

– Some modern humans are partially descended from Neanderthals, a race of hominids who were smarter, gentler, and lived in smaller communities than homo sapiens.

– Modern Sapien/Thal hybrids differ from non-hybrids in important ways. Thals are more trusting, sensitive, intelligent and introspective than pure Sapiens.

– Thal ancestry can be recognized by such traits as wide, deep-set eye sockets, green eyes, red hair, introversion, and a psych profile commonly diagnosed as Asperger’s.

– Texts such as The Bible, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and various Celtic and Scandinavian oral histories are more than just fairy tales: At the very least, they contain hints and metaphorical accounts of pre-ancient history.

And here are some claims that I am not sold on, but I see a strong case for believing:

– Modern humans are also partially descended from a race of super-intelligent Melonheads

– Melonheads used to rule a pre-ancient world which was, in some ways, more technologically advanced than our own

– Both Melonheads and Neanderthal societies have collapsed, overrun by the simpler, stupider, but more vicious and numerous Cro-Magnons

There are also a variety of claims that I am skeptical of, but won’t completely rule out. Things like… but you know what, I’ll let you dig on your own. My Thal and Melon readers are already chomping on the bit in anticipation of exploring some exciting new ideas, and I’ve frightened the cro-mags enough for the day.

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