The Hierarchy Of Self-Improvement

*I’m on a two-month blogging vacation while I backpack around Southeast Asia. Until I return, I’m posting excerpts from my book, Freedom Twenty-Five: A 21st-Century Man’s Guide To Life. If you like this post, you should buy a copy for yourself and everyone you’ve ever met in your life.*

The ultimate purpose of this book is not to help you improve your life, though. Its goal is not to make you healthier, richer, sexier and smarter. It will do those things. But that’s not the point.

The reason I’m writing Freedom Twenty-Five is to help you find your calling in life. It is to help you find your spark, your dream, your muse. I want you to find your mission in life.

The problem with finding your purpose is that it’s impossible to figure it out until you have all of your more basic needs taken care of. Abraham Maslow understood this when he created the Hierarchy of Needs:


Maslow suggested, correctly, that humans will always seek to address their lower-order needs first, before moving on to higher-order desires. No one cares about being self-actualized when they’re starving to death.

My approach to life and personal growth is to take Maslow’s concept and apply it to our world. I’ve divided this book into five sections, each representing an area of life that a man should have control over. I recommend you work on these aspects of your life in the following order:

Health is first, because everything you do flows from a competent, energetic body. Good health leads to strength, focus, and mental clarity.

Money is second, because removing it as a source of stress and worry from your life is easier than you think, and doing so will free up the energy and attention you’ll need to master the next steps.

For many, Sex is the top of this pyramid. Men who are not especially bright or driven will find their bliss point once they’re healthy, wealthy, and getting laid at will. There’s nothing wrong with this. Constant sex with hot girls (or just one, if you’re into that) is awesome, and reason enough to make a Herculean effort to achieve it.

Success with women is also a necessary precondition for success in the next levels. Human beings, young men especially, are survival and replication machines. Almost everything we do, clothed apes that we are, is done with the subconscious intention of improving our survival and replication value. If a young man isn’t getting laid, his biochemistry will care about nothing other than righting that wrong. If he tries to focus on acquiring wisdom or making the world a better place before he satisfies this need, he will fail.

Wisdom is knowledge that is not directly applicable to the three primary needs. Once you have health, wealth and pussy on tap, you are finally free to try to understand the world from an unbiased perspective.

Finally, a man can only chase after his Purpose once he has met the needs that come before it. To a hungry, celibate man, anything that can get him riches and a whiff of vagina will immediately take on the form of a “purpose” in his mind’s eye. The college students marching for animal rights, the environment, and whatever other cause célèbre has prompted outrage this week – have they found purpose? I suggest they haven’t, and they’ll continue to whine and destroy in their false idols’ name until they scratch the itch that’s really felt.