The Future

One of the many benefits of writing a blog is that you’re leaving a diary for your future self to read and reflect on. This is useful for self-awareness, goal setting, and sometimes just plain nostalgia. I spent an afternoon reading my older posts recently, and it was a great experience, like having a pint with my twenty-five year old self.

Twenty-five year old Frost was a good kid. He realized that he was in the fast lane to an unremarkable life, betraying the dreams he once had. He recognized that he was drifting inexorably into the pits of mediocrity and conformism that are claiming so many other men of his generation. To his great credit, he decided to do something about it. He decided to write a book, save some cash, and take a flying leap out of his comfort zone by quitting his job and buying a one-way ticket to Bangkok, to kick off a one-year round-the-world trip.

Then, twenty-six year old Frost set a few goals for himself. He decided to use his year off to acquire skills and build assets that would ensure he would never need to return to the his old life. He decided that he was done with the nine-to-five grind, and fuck anyone who dared to stand in his way.

Well, hello. I’m twenty-seven year old Frost, and I’m coming to you live today from a grey cubicle, in a grey office building, in a grey city. I have arrived, I wrote yesterday, right back where I started from, two years ago.

If I were to have that beer with the 2009 and 2010 Frosts and tell them that as of October 2012, we’re still stuck behind a desk, I’m sure one of them would hold me down while the other kicked me repeatedly in the nuts. “It’s not my fault!” 2012 Frost would say, “We’re in this mess because of 2011 Frost. That lazy punk. Let’s get him!”

But what’s done is done, and what’s done is not even regrettable. Sure, I’d like to have achieved my desired lifestyle by now, but what experiences from the past year would I have sacrificed to get it? Sometimes I regret not working harder at the whole location independent thing during my year off, but I regret what little work I did do just as often. One of my biggest struggles in life is learning how to relax and enjoy it, and I did a fine job of that over the past year. And I’m calling that a failure?

Even if it is a failure – so what? If you never fail to reach the goals you set for yourself, you’re not setting ambitious enough goals.

So what now?

As I wrote yesterday, nothing has changed.

I still intend to build assets that give me the option of leaving the life of the wage slave behind me.

I still intend for my writing to educate, inspire and entertain millions.

I still intend to live my dream life as an author/entrepreneur/international playboy.

I still intend to help lead this generation from mediocrity, lies and defeat, to the next phase of history.

Nothing has changed over the past year, and that includes my intentions. I’m still going to take over the world, I’m going to do it soon, and I’m going to do it over the objections of anyone who thinks it can’t be done.