The First Annual, Or Perhaps Monthly, BWGSPS

Today is a special day for Freedom Twenty-Five. I’m hosting my  first ever Blog-Whoring Gratuitous Self-Promotion Sweepstakes (BWGSPS).

The purpose of the BWGSPS is to spread awareness of this blog to new audiences, while giving loyal readers a chance to win some swag. If you’re reading this, you obviously think that I write an interesting, useful and/or entertaining blog. So why not tell some friends about it?

– Send your buddies an email

– Share your favourite post on your Facebook wall

– Get yo twittah on

– Open your window and scream, “FREEEEDOM twenty-five!”

I know that I have a core of loyal readers who will almost certainly pass this URL around, if they haven’t already. But I’m wondering how many “quiet” readers – i.e. those who don’t comment, write me emails, or otherwise make their presence known to be beyond my hit counter – will step up and value my work enough to help share it.

As a humble incentive, I’m going to make the following offer. If you like, leave a comment describing what you did to promote this blog. How many people did you email/tweet/share this blog with? How did you describe it? What was the response?

The five readers who make the BEST attempts to share this blog with new audiences will receive a free review copy of Freedom Twenty-Five: The 21st-Century Man’s Guide To Life. Not exactly a prize you can retire on, but if you were going to buy it anyways, let me know what you do and save yourself a few bucks.

Thanks in advance for your help.