The Crackle Of Pigskin

It’s been a dramatic week in the Red Pill blogosphere.

Ricky Raw has written two posts at Nexxtlevelup, taking on Human Biological Diversity and accusing the community that acknowledges it, more or less, of being losers. Chuck Ross, who writes about HBD among a great many other topics, took up arms against the Nexxt Level Up commentariat. This prompted Danger and Play to write that Chuck should stop wasting his time writing about depressing political topics, and use his talents to start making money online by writing about personal finance. Chuck responds that his blog is not all about the Benjamins.

Tempers flared. Comment-thread skirmishes and Twitter battles raged on all week. Men chose sides. Feelings were hurt. Such is war.

It’s for the best though. The Red Pill blogosphere, the nascent counter-Cathedral, is an odd mixture of personalities and views. Not all of them are mutually compatible. We might as well blow off some steam, talk about our feels, and – if necessary – go our separate ways. In a way I’m proud. No movement can be properly considered grown-up until it goes through a good old-fashioned purge of its Trotsykite wreckers.

My ideal outcome would be for the two halves of the Red Pill blogosphere – Reactionary and Self-Improvement – to stay BFF’s. The two subjects are a match made in heaven. But human nature is what it is: Tribal.


So, Human Biological Diversity. I won’t even bother making the case for it. It’s 2013. Every intelligent and curious American with the ability to operate the internet can review the facts on their own time. Should these facts scare us? No. We each are who we are, and we each do what we can to make the best of what we have. The relevance of HBD to our personal lives – especially if, like most, the people you live and work amongst are from your own social class – is negligible. It’s not just decent to treat a man with no regard for the colour of his skin – it’s rational.

But while its possible to disregard group averages in our treatment of individuals, we cannot do the same for our treatment of groups. We cannot disregard the realities of human biological diversity when we make grand, collective, nationwide decisions affecting our policies on immigration, education, criminal justice, civil rights, and a hundred other areas. An individual who remains ignorant of the realities of human biological diversity and embraces the Blank Slate hypothesis can still live a happy and productive life. A society that ignores it…

– Will accept arguments like these for massive increases in Mestizo/Aztec immigration.

– Will continue pouring money into programs like Head Start, until we succeed in closing The Gap.

– Will continue to attribute any observed racial patterns in crime to racism. Such patterns will be denied, covered up, and mentioning them in any polite context – let alone during a formal discussion of public policy – will be extremely taboo.

– Will continue to view any difference in outcomes to be the product of racism, will waste billions if not trillions of dollars encumbering every aspect of its productive economy and education system with a complex, destructive, and completely ridiculous system of affirmative action, disparate impact lawsuits, quotas, and other assorted shenanigans, all to avoid ever having to question the null hypothesis that perhaps not all humans are created perfectly equal in every conceivable trait.

America is actually quite odd, on a global and historical scale, in its absolute insistence on shutting its eyes and plugging its ears to the realities of average differences between human sub-populations. Outside of liberal enclaves of America from 1964-2013, the vast majority of people simply accept the reality of group differences.

Why does our society insist, so vigorously, at such a cost, and against all available evidence, on abiding by the theology of the Blank Slate? This is a big question, but the surface answer is that a lot of money, a lot of careers, a lot of political power, and a lot of ego depends on it.

The costs are huge. The Diversity Industry wastes tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars; Affirmative Action throws hurdles in front of high-achieving Whites and Asians throughout their careers; Perhaps most importantly, our society now enforces a strict code of thought. All right-thinking people must pretend that a simple, straightforward, observable fact of human nature does not exist, or they will be fired, drummed out of polite society, and depending on their jurisdiction, thrown into prison.

This is unhealthy. This is tyranny. This is the hysterical enforcement of feigning allegiance blatant lies, and it is the mark of a power structure about to collapse.

Not to mention that stuff like this is just unfair. I have no idea why Asian Americans are not more pissed off about this. At least the race hustlers pretend to have a reason – the 150-year-old legacy of slavery – why imposing legal penalties on men with white skin is OK. Why is it OK to put these artificial hurdles in front of Chinese immigrants, whose great grandfathers were brought to the continent in chains? I guess no one ever bothered to tell the Chinese – or the Vietnemese, Irish, Italians, Poles, Armenians, etc – that the true path to success in America lies the way of victimhood posturing.

Note, Ricky Raw does not deny that proponents of Human Biological Diversity are right. To his credit, he acknowledges this in the comments here:


But while he agrees with the fact that HBD is true, and I presume he would agree that this fact is suppressed in all public forums, Ricky Raw’s claim is that this entire subject is unimportant, and thus only attracts the attention of psychologically damaged weirdos. He has written an entire series, not in an attempt to take down any particular claims, but to tar anyone who crosses the politically correct limes into wrongthink as insecure, shame-based, and whatever else he read in Psychology Today this month. He has constructed a hilariously bad sequence of arguments, under the pretense of detached observation, in support of his own ego-salvaging belief that anyone who dares to write about race in America, is a big meanie.

Raw believes that anyone interested in this extremely interesting, relevant, and systematically suppressed field of inquiry, must be doing so out of secret racism and white man shame. Then, he accuses Chuck Ross of writing an ego-driven blog.

At this point, the reader may be drawn to the simplest and most obvious conclusion: Ricky Raw is an idiot.

But this is not the case. I’ve been reading The Rawness for years. The author is usually a smart and insightful guy. He’s usually an honest and clear thinker. Something about the present topic though, cuts his critical thinking abilities off at the knees. No points for guessing what that is.

I agree with Ricky Raw on one point: Strongly identifying with your race is the mark of an insecure man. A confident man stands on his own two feet. If he wishes to brag, he invokes his own accomplishments, not those of his ancestors, nor the status afforded him by his station in life. A white man who derives a great deal of his self-worth from his whiteness, is probably a loser.

But then, what can we say about a black American who is personally offended by discussions of HBD? Ricky Raw and VK are smart guys. They will continue to be smart guys, no matter what Steve Sailer writes about disparate impact.

My own primary ethnicity is in the lower bound of European populations in IQ. Yet, I can solve differential equations like a Chinaman and – as the astute reader will note – craft sentences with the deftness of a wily Jew. Group genetics are not individual destiny. If Raw and VK were  comfortable in their own skin, so to speak, they would join HBD-bloggers-of-colour like Jayman and Nelson in acknowledging this core truth of human nature, and accept that the HBD is one of the most interesting topics in the human sciences today. Raw doesn’t have to write about it himself – plenty of smart, talented people, including one of the best damn journalists of our generation, have already got it covered – but he should stop embarrassing himself by pretending that it’s not a legitimate area of inquiry.