The Blank Page

Few things are more intimidating than a white screen, daring you to write something worthwhile on it. Introspection tells us that we are all brilliant and unique, while the reality is that most of us are not. Writing, and not being read, is the fastest way to be cured of our delusions of grandeur.

The same can be said for any form of artistic expression – A blank canvas, an open mic night, amateur hour – Each inspires terror, because each creates the possibility of failure.  The terror is especially acute for my generation, having been raised on a steady diet of self-esteem-inflating bromides and gold stars. We’ve been told that we’re special so many times, we’re afraid to do anything that might test whether or not it’s true.

The result has not been what the creators of the self-esteem factories predicted. The best and the brightest shuffle off to college and the roads more-traveled. They spend their 20′s articling for our bloated legal system; tinkering with spreadsheets for our bloated financial system; writing policy briefs for our bloated civil service. At the end of the day, what the hell are any of us doing?

How many can honestly say that we love what we do? That it gives our lives meaning? That we don’t lay in bed thinking of bigger, better things? My Generation is overflowing with dreams, most of which will never leave their dreamers’ souls.

I say to hell with all that. Fuck the man! Fuck my soulless nine-to-five! Yes, I realize that I am a walking, talking cliche. Cliches are what they are for a reason. Millions of bright, energetic young people across the western world are wasting their time and energies serving unworthy masters. We will be happier, better people if we realize that.

This blog’s mission will be to narrate and inspire my rise from what I am – a content and conventionally successful young guy, one year into his tenure at a prestigious, but soul-destroying desk job – into what I want to be: An Artist. A Man. A genuinely happy and fulfilled person, whose life is spent creating and experiencing the sublime.

Wish me luck.