Support In Mala Fide, Or The Baby Gets It

I’ve taken a week of internet vacation, and I recommend everyone do so occasionally. Regular posting will resume after the weekend.

But a quick note today to ask you all for a favour: Head over to In Mala Fide and make a donation.

Most of my readers are already familiar with Ferdinand Bardamu, but for those who aren’t: There’s no better introduction to the odd, disjointed world of Game/Masculinist/Anti-PC opinion than his site. If you aren’t familiar with this world and choose to remain so, that’s fine. But hopefully you’ll feel a twinge of guilt in the future when you declare yourself “open-minded” because you read both the New York Times and the Post.

If (more likely) you’re already acquainted, take a minute to consider the service Ferdinand has provided for the past year and a half. Disregard the articles he writes, valuable as they are – I get the sense you couldn’t pay him to stop writing. Instead, consider what he has created: A hub around which the alternative blogosphere has coalesced, via his blogroll and weekly link-love posts. Half of my RSS subscriptions came from IMF.

Recently, Ferd rolled out In Mala Fide 3.0, an online open-forum alt-right magazine. His goal (I believe) is to bring together the best ideas in this weird corner of the internet, where a random collection of men (and a few babes) have coalesced to say “Fuck You” to the conventional wisdom, and turn those ideas into something coherent. Useful. Powerful.

It’s a goal that deserves our support. I’ve made a donation. You should do the same.