Single in the Suburbs

Just discovered you (I’m habitually late to the party, too). Good stuff!

My younger brother is going through the same issues re: living at home versus moving out (although he’s still in college, so the decision is a couple of years off). I made many of the same arguments in favor of living at home to him, which was especially comforting since I did the exact opposite, having lived on my own throughout my twenties. I’ve been fortunate in that I make $80k a year in the middle of the country, but that’s not realistic for most people in their early 20s, and struggling to pay rent and cover the basic necessities, especially if student loans are on top of all of it, while making an entry level $30k or so is unnecessarily ascetic. For people in those situations, a comfortable middle class existence is only attainable in the relatively near future if they follow your advice, at least for a few years.