Saturday Morning Hangover Viewing

Today we pay homage to one of the titans of the Manosphere.

The year is 1987. WF Price is a freshman. Heartiste is a zit-faced punk with a breaking voice. Roosh barely has his first pubic hair. Me, I call it a successful day if I make it through the end without shitting my pants. Nothing even remotely resembling the Manosphere, the Seduction Community, or The Red Pill exists. At all.

And yet, here’s Eddie Murphy, laying it out for us, twenty five cot-damn years ago.

Some guys worry: What if game goes mainstream?

But it won’t. It can’t. Reality has been staring men in the face for decades, and only now are we starting to actually adjust our behaviour, whether that means pounding the pavement striving to join the 5% apex alpha elite, or waving our hands at the whole mess and retreating into video games and porn.

Unless this is your first day on the internet, you should have no trouble finding yourself a copy of ,the full-length act, arguably one of the best stand-up performances in comedy history. If you want to give credit where it’s due though, here’s a link to the Raw DVD on Amazon.