Rumours of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Manosphere is dying, some say.

The final bell has rung for the University of Man. Gmac closed his black book. FlyFreshandYoung has hit it and quit it for the last time. I’m sure there are others I’m not thinking of.

Roosh, Danger and Play, Private Man, Donlak and Hawaiian Libertarian have penned some fine obituaries. And hell, I’m not going to deny it: We’ve lost a few good men.

Most distressing of all: I, your beloved Frost, the eternal flame, the heart and soul, the Charlie Conway of the Manosphere – have been posting infrequently, and on subjects (Christianity, fringe anthropology, and who knows what’s coming next) that have convinced 90% of my readers that somewhere between the drug-soaked beaches of Southeast Asia, hippie Ashram communes of India, and sun-baked plains of northern Spain – I went completely batshit insane.

One could be forgiven, for wondering whether this whole 21st-Century Masculine Counter-Revolution truly has legs or not.

Well, trust me kids. I’ve been around these parts for a while. I’ve seen things. I’ve watched a lot of great blogs, writers, and communities to come and go. Nihil Nova.

This may come as a great shock to many young readers, but this entire community existed in embryonic form on the Tucker Max Message Board. Certainly there are a few Idiot Board veterans in our live studio audience, yes? Surely you remember its glory days as the best community and hub of information for self-improvement, counter-feminism, literature, and the rebirth of masculinity in a thoroughly feminized western world. Perhaps you also remember when the TMMB was taken offline – suddenly, unceremoniously, and completely without warning, back  in 2009. What a shock it was.

A year later, – the quintessential Paleo-Manosphere blog, our first introduction to the likes of Roissy, Mencius Moldbug, Gary Taubes, and a hundred others – wrote its final farewell post. This wasn’t entirely unexpected, as the original Blowhards had started supplanting their output with guest posts from writers who, despite their rakish charm and chiseled good looks, were unfit to carry Michael, Friedrich or Donald’s literary jockstraps. The nascent Manosphere wept.

Just six months ago, In Mala Fide, a site which had become the unofficial link hub of the Manosphere, not to mention the blogging platform of one of its most talented writers, pulled the plug. Much hand-wringing ensued.

What do all of these events have in common? They each marked the end of an era. They each made me shed a manly tear and pour one out for my fallen HTTP homeboys. They each cost us some wisdom, some insight, and some entertainment. But most relevant to my point today: They were each followed by a great deal of weeping, teeth-gnashing and panty-twisting over the supposed death of the movement.

And yet, how wrong those predictions turned out to be.

The alternative blogosphere had coalesced to the point that it could survive without 2Blowhards, by the time that it had to.

The Roosh V Forum is the Tucker Max Message Board reborn, and then some.

Society of Amateur Gentlemen has taken on both of In Mala Fide’s role: Sowing and reaping linkage across the Manosphere every Sunday, and supplying it with some of its best posts.

So while it is with a heavy heart that I pour one out for FFY, Gmac, and U of Man – I know this movement will continue, and will continue to grow without them. Something important is happening here, and it’s bigger than any one man. The blogroll to your left is not just a collection of individuals. It’s not  just a community. The Manosphere is an intellectual and political movement, and its progression is as inevitable and inexorable as a rising tide.

For most, the Manosphere is a simple thing. All men wish to revel in the glory of swoleness, sexual options, travel, money, and the sweet life. The Manosphere offers them the tools to pursue such goals, make incremental improvements to their own lives, and bask in the positive energy of a virtual community of like-minded men. There is nothing wrong with looking at this community solely as a means to better yourself.

But for the few with eyes that see, the political nature of an intellectual alternative to the reigning progressive effeminocracy is obvious.

At its essence, the Manosphere is so much more than a community of game and self-improvement blogs. The Manosphere is the counter-revolution. Our culture, our education system, our media – they all serve to rob us of our ability to perceive the world as it is. The Manosphere is the slow, plodding, auto-didactic redemption of the American mind, one soul at a time, by those men among us who are smart, perceptive, and courageous enough to stand athwart the lies of recent history, and call bullshit. As long as there is a real, genuine thing called Truth, men will seek it. As long as such men also seek each other, there will be a Manosphere. As long as there is a Manosphere, it will continue to seek out pretty lies, and squeeze them until they whine, squeal, writhe, suffer, and at the end of it all – perish.

So we’ll miss the writings of our recently fallen brothers. Just like we miss Ferdinand Bardamu, the Blowhards, Solomon II, and pre-meltdown Tucker Max, and just like we’ll miss the eventual future retirement of other heavy hitters in the alternative blogosphere.

But as a community and as a movement – when one falls, two rise up in his place. New talent is coming up everywhere.

Here’s Circumnavigonzo, a travel and piracy blog that I highly recommend. I already mentioned the excellent Society of Amateur Gentlemen. Allow me to also point you towards Wall Street Playboys, a great lifestyle blog and an absolute must-read for any man working anywhere near the finance world. Nexxt Level Up, Juicing For Men and The Return Of Kings are well worth your time and a bookmark. Matt Forney continues his epic journey across the United States.

Aurini just published his first novel, which I will hopefully find time to read and review this weekend. Until then, here’s Koanic’s review. Excellent books have also been published recently by Naughty Nomad, Jack Donovan and Aaron Clarey. Rumours are also circulating that another Great Manosphere Novel is in the late drafting stages…

Most encouraging of all, smart young guys like PDog, Michael Byc, and Dulst are taking the Red Pill at an age when most of us barely had to shave more than once a week.

So please, folks. Save your tears. This movement is doing just fine. As long as the world is choked in lies – and it will be, for the forseeable future – smart men are going to form communities that aspire to truth, we’re going to live better lives as a result, and we’re going to share what we learn on our blogs, because writing is what we love to do, and because the world needs leaders.

Speaking of which, gentle reader, what are you doing with your free time? It’s a great day to start a blog, don’t you think?