Review of Naughty Nomad: Not Your Typical Backpacking Story

Every long-term traveler that I’ve ever met is toying with the idea of writing a book with all their ‘crazy stories’ once they get home.

Their assumption is that since their trips were fun to experience, they must be fun for other people to read about. But they forget one thing – everyone who goes on a cool trip, comes back with some cool stories. And no matter how cool those stories were to live and experience, sitting down and putting pen to paper in a way that captures someone’s interest is more difficult than it sounds. The problem is: No matter how crazy you are,  there’s always someone a little bit crazier.

Unless your name is Mark Zolo, aka The Naughty Nomad.

I have been reading The Naughty Nomad’s blog for many moons, and I’ve always considered the author to be a legit and crazy motherfucker. But while reading a review copy of Naughty Nomad: Not Your Typical Backpacking Story, I realized that I had no idea the true depth of his globe-trotting, wench-seducing, danger-embracing insanity.

I still don’t know what was my favourite story. Maybe it was skipping the hospital and almost bleeding out from a motorcycle accident, so he could bang a small-town Thai girl. Maybe it was almost marrying a Cambodian teenager. Maybe it was the chapter on the Philippines that made me shed tears for not having made it there.

Actually, scratch all that. The Cairo to Cape Town section blows all the others out of the water (and that’s saying something) in sheer ridiculousness. While reading it, I felt like nobody had ever properly explained to NN that he is a mortal human being capable of death, and DRC rebels with AK-47s are not to be trifled with. Fortunately for your reading pleasure, he lived to tell the tale.

I highly recommend this book. It will make you laugh your ass off, and it will inspire you to go out and do something crazy.

Buy it here, and do it now because the book is launch price is fifty percent off the regular (Five bucks instead of ten).