Review Of Bang Poland

I highly doubt that this was Roosh’s intention, but this is the hard truth: Bang Poland tugged at my heartstrings.

I’ll get to the that part, though. Bang Poland is a guide to banging Polish women, so I’ll start by reviewing it as such.

In short: Polish women are phenomenal. Hot, sweet, feminine, fun, caring, and quite easy for an American guy willing to put in a bit of time and present a believable facade of not being a fly-by night tourist. If you are a straight man considering a visit to Poland, this book will tip you over the edge. And of course, if you’re definitely going to Poland, count your lucky flags that someone wrote an entire book devoted to the relatively obscure subject of seducing girls in that country. If you can’t cough up ten bucks to read it on your flight over, you can’t afford the flight over.

So, great travel game guide. I’ve never been to Poland but Roosh’s account lines up with the Polish-Canadian women I’ve known: Great girls, but I hope you like noses. Rock some protective eyewear if you’re kissing a tall one.

Now on to the heartstrings.

As I’ve written, Roosh is in a particularly strong position to teach game, because he had to put in the work. He had to work his way up through the trenches, and it made him a stronger man.

But it also made him a pretty negative dude. When you read Bang, it’s obvious that the author has not had any kind of meaningful, positive relationship with a woman. He views the actual women he bangs as mere annoying obstacles in the way of the pussy. Roosh learned how to bang the DC women he hated. He cracked the code. But one gets the impression that the whole process, from approach to last minute resistance, was a chore.

Outside of (I believe) a small minority of men, we’re wired to desire a range of different types of relationships with women. The man with the frumpy wife who denies that he would love to be banging hot Russian 18-year-olds on the side, is clearly lying to himself. But what about the man who denies that yeah, it’s pretty damn cool to have a girl cooking for you, cleaning up after you, supporting you, and getting all giggly in your presence?

Regular Freedom Twenty-Five readers know: Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothin’. I keeps it real:


But only six nights a week. On the seventh day, I rest. Sunday mornings are for spooning and big breakfasts and lazy sex with a girl whose presence is not entirely offensive to me. Love, she is beautiful, no? No man’s life is complete without it.

Roosh’s giddy excitement at the quality of Polish girls jumps off the page in Bang Poland. Buy it if you want to, well, Bang Poland, but also if you just want to check out the story of a man’s heart recovering from it’s near death on the blades of feminism in the 21st century.