Requiescat In Pace, In Mala Fide

Ferdinand Bardamu, proprietor of the In Mala Fide blog, has retired.

Sad? In a way. But such is life. Blogs grow old and die, new ones rise up to take their place. Ferd will be missed. But Matt Forney and James G, to name just two of my favourite recent additions to the blogroll, seem happy to take up the burden.

This kind of thing can lead to some heavy thought, though. Consider: Ferd was one of the most important, most influential, most talented authors in the entire… well, I don’t know? Ferd was a true leader. But of what, exactly?

We can be sure of one thing: Something is going on here. It’s in the air. It’s on the wall. Some sort of community, some sort of movement, is coalescing. We are living in the middle of a great intellectual and cultural renaissance, and it’s just getting started. As a reader of this blog, you are part of the initial 1% of that movement. If you’re writing one of the blogs that made regular appearances on In Mala Fide’s weekly link-fests, you are part of the .01%. The scales are dropping from the eyes of contemporary men, and they are seeking answers from fresh, trustworthy sources. You may think we’re all just a bunch of dickheads laughing and trading stories about girls and workouts and ugly feminists, but beneath it all is a total rejection of the sacrosanct idols of the modern world.

So yeah, it’s a big deal.

Will our grandchildren read history books about the blogging pamphleteers who laid the foundations for The Great Alternative to 20th century doctrine? If so, Ferd’s earned himself a chapter or two, and maybe even a cover shot.