Reactionary Self-Improvement

This is a guest post I wrote for In Mala Fide. Please comment on it there.

In case you haven’t noticed, your world is on fire.

But let’s not make a big deal out of it. So we’re living through the self-inflicted collapse of western civilization. What are YOU going to do? Put on your cape and go save it?

If that’s your plan, best of luck. I’ll be cheering for you, and I’m sure it’ll be more fulfilling than mindlessly buying into a culture choked with lies. But history suggests you won’t find much success, either in your mission or in your personal life. Larry Auster (god bless’m) has not, as of yet, succeeded in reversing our decline. Nor does he strike me as a particularly happy guy.

And really, what is this thing, “Western Civilization” that you’re fighting for? Christianity? The good, sweet and true America of the iconic 1950’s? Each contained the seeds of its own destruction, evidently. Aspiring to recreate some idyllic past version of either just so it can start back down the same path to the present and beyond is not a viable long-term solution.


Young men in particular are shit out of luck today. Good jobs are disappearing. The dating market is red in tooth and claw. Mainstream society wants to cure us of our maleness, while making us hate ourselves for whatever vestiges remain. We’re groping blindly for a purpose, a cause, a tribe to rally behind, but we have nothing. No instructions. No role models. Often, no fathers.

Eventually, we snap. It might take 18 years, or it might take 50. But we all must eventually come to the realization that God doesn’t like us. Could be, God hates us. But, this is not the worst thing that could happen.

In fact, it’s very liberating. God – as a metaphor for our society, our culture, our government – hates us. Say it out loud. Once you understand this, you’re free to hate him back. You can stop feeling guilty that you owe “God” anything but enough surface obedience to keep yourself out of trouble. Then, you can fully embrace the freedom of selfishness.


So now you’re free to be selfish. What next? Obviously, it’s up to you.

One popular option is to embrace a secluded life of porn, video games, TV, and internet forums. Maybe you laugh now. But the porn, the games and the sex dolls are only getting better. How strong is your willpower? Wait ten years before you snicker at the millions currently living their lives through Warcraft and Redtube.

The other choice is to fight back, and devote your life to becoming the best possible version of yourself that you can. Maybe you think you’re already doing that. But are you really? Modern society forces upon us the previous generation’s masculine duties and responsibilities, offers none of the rewards, and distracts us from our shitty deal with the soothing balm of counterfeit achievement. Rather than get laid, improve ourselves, and build an empire, we can push the same neurochemical buttons by fapping off to a 720p lesbian orgy, levelling up, and shooting imaginary space aliens.

But even if you aren’t a pathetic, pasty-fleshed loser reading this in your parents’ basement, are you even close to achieving your full potential as a man and a human being? Or have you succumbed, if only partially, to the opiates of the modern world?

– Do you waste time on shitty TV, XBOX, jerking off, and mindless internet surfing?

– Do you eat crap and plod through lazy workouts?

– Do you think about starting businesses and finding a better job every day, but never do anything about it?

– Do you read about game, but never actually approach?

– Do you have a creative passion – music, art, writing, whatever – that you have never really pursued?

I’ve been guilty of all of them. I still waste time and puss out of things I know I should be doing. But I’m trying to snap the fuck out of it. I’m taking control of my health. I’m writing a novel. I did a bit of traveling for the first time. I started a blog. I still have a long way to go before I’m living my ideal life, but I’m taking steps towards it.


So what does self-improvement have to do with the Alt-Right blogosphere? A lot, actually.

There are quite a few practical disadvantages to finding and taking the Red Pill, disconnecting from the mainstream, and re-learning reality from the ‘nets. Socially and professionally, you’ve always got to be on guard, lest some morsel of crimethink slips out. People will sense that you aren’t a joiner. Perhaps, one day, your RSS feed and search history will be part of the prosecution’s case for shipping you off to a Gulag, where 20 years of hard labour and diversity seminars will cure you of your hateful thoughts.

But there are also advantages. There are truths we have access to that most don’t. Some of them are extraordinarily useful. How long do you think it will be until the rest of the world starts eating low-carb? Sells off all the federal, state and municipal bonds in their portfolios and buys gold? Stops their self-defeating approaches towards the opposite sex? Maybe one day there will be more than a small, anonymous community of internet writers who see the world for what it really is. Until then, those of us who do will have a monopoly on information that is both useful and politically incorrect. And we can use that to become super-fucking-human.

Meanwhile, let the world burn. Pour a little gas out if it makes you happy. But if you’re willing to consider that everything you know is wrong, a much better life awaits you. Rejecting the conventional wisdom on nutrition, economics, and the sexual marketplace will make you healthy, wealthy, and get you laid.