Aurini, who just published a book which I’ll be reviewing shortly, has an excellent post on the application the Lemons Problem to the sexual marketplace:

“The long-term trend – the new Nash Equilibrium – results in higher and higher payoffs for meaningless sex, and higher and higher risks for pursuing a serious relationship.  Eventually it degenerates to empty encounters in alleys and dingy club bathrooms, and nobody even remembers how to pair-bond with another human being.

The bad sex pushes out the good.

When the Quality Assurance Regulations were removed from the Sexual Marketplace during the Sexual Revulotuion, we were thrust along this path.  Both parties are working with asymmetrical information – IE we don’t know what the true quality of the man, woman, or car actually is, and we have no way to see through this obfuscation.  Once Upon a Time parents and the community provided this Quality Assurance, but that’s no longer the case – heck, with rampant Feminism most parents don’t even expect their daughters to behave with propriety (with sons it’s an odd mix of “be yourself” Forever Alone nonsense, and the promotion of mercenary selfishness).”

Consider the case of the modern man who would like to find a nice girl and settle down. Conventional wisdom suggests that he should disregard the tactics and mindset of the player/PUA and instead focus on being a good guy. But by doing so, he makes his life more difficult in several ways:

– Adopting such a persona will drive off the vast majority of girls who respond more positively to a man, the worse he is.

– As a good guy, he leaves himself open to being taken advantage of by a used-up harridan looking for a kneeling beta, arms outstretched and ready to catch her as she flings herself off the carousel once and for all.

– In real life, women are not neatly divided into ladies and hos. There is good and evil in each of them, and few if any are wholly free of the turn-the-cad-into-a-dad fantasy

– Truly, the only way to test a woman for bearing a weakness to the crimson arts, is to master them yourself and see how she responds. Cads with a wandering interest in living, some day, the simple life, are left in the position that we would never want to belong to a club that would be so shallow as to have us as a member.

Why not, the modern man asks, just wash my hands of the whole mess and cad it up with reckless abandon? One can always return to the second of the Two Games at a later point in life.

Moving right along, Foseti reviews Masters of Deceit and confirms, yet again, that America is run by commies. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but as one-sentence descriptions of the history of the 20th century go, that one is hard to top:

“During the US-Russian Alliance, Communists took control of the governing institutions of the US. I use the term “Cathedral” (courtesy of Mencius Moldbug) to describe these institutions. Generally, the term refers to the institutions that run the country. Specifically it refers to the media, bureaucracy and elite universities.

A nice way to illustrate the fact that the Communists controlled these organizations is to look at the career of any known Communist agent. Let’s take one of the best known, Alger Hiss. Hiss’s career (including after he was accused of being a spy and after being in jail) included stints at: the State Department, the United Nations, clerking for Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, the Justice Department, some Senate Committees, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and – naturally – Harvard Law.

If you don’t know what I mean by the term Cathedral, it’s basically that list. Really, the only way it could be better is if he’d worked at the New York Times.

Given the reaction of these groups to Hiss’s trial, there’s no doubt that if Hiss had managed to avoid jail, many of these places would have re-hired him.

I rest my case that Communists, at one point, took over the governing apparatus of the US.”

Next up, here’s Bill Powell suggesting that the Sandy Hook shootings (among others) were a false flag operation, the purpose of which is to provide justification for gun confiscation:

“Because I’m guaranteeing you the elites are high-fiving themselves over this tragedy that the sheeple aren’t going to realize what the purpose really was. Most people are good at heart but not really that intelligent and this is excellent PR for gun control and the further drugging of the population, especially children that the elites want so badly. Given the way women vote in this country, the killing of a bunch of five and six year olds fits their purposes just fine. And I want to know, what type of parent lets their murdered child’s picture be splashed all over the media outlets of the world? I’ll be damned if I would.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? I guarantee you by the time Adam Lanza’s biography gets fleshed out by the media, we’re going to be told that he was “deeply disturbed” and had been under care by a “mental health professional” and was being treated by “depression medication” and that he had quit taking them before he went on his rampage. We’re going to be told that “his mother instilled in him a deep distrust of the government and that he should be prepared for the end”.

I know I’m going to get the question, “But why kill kids? Are these assholes monsters?” Yes they are. Explicitly, monsters in human form. Look, they don’t give a shit about killing kids in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and places you’ve never heard about by drone, so why not here by a troubled kid most likely programmed by his so-called “mental health professionals” if it advances their agenda which is to make all of us subservient, unarmed and drugged slaves?

Now you see what we’re up against.”

What are we to make of people as clearly and obviously crazy as Mssr. Powell? How are we to respond to someone so unhinged?

To each their own, but my reaction is to keep his blog prominently displayed in my RSS feed and blog roll to your left. Not so long ago, I probably would have shaken my head and dismissed the idea that mass shootings like these are occasionally false flag PR stunts. I would still take long odds that Adam Lanza is just a messed up, lonely, sexually frustrated kid, driven to evil by the combination of a lack of a father, mental illness and the pain of life as a walking ghost. No conspiracy theories necessary. But, I’ve seen through too many of our society’s pretty lies to feel comfortable dismissing anyone simply because what they’re saying ‘seems crazy.’

But let’s wrap up on a lighter note. This is the more the sort of thing I write about at my new blog, Thumotic, but go read this post Maverick Traveler. I have gotten zero direct lays from the Cave-then-Bar move (which I push for on about half my first dates) but I think it makes the second-date dinner at my place a much easier sell. Overall a smooth move.