Rah Pickup Artists

Am I a pickup artist?


An artist practices his craft for the sake of itself. He is a man who aspires to improve his art because he relishes the thrill of mastery, and wishes to dazzle others with the beauty he can create. A true pickup artist does not hone his skills merely to get laid, but so he can draw himself closer and closer to perfection. He continues to innovate and refine his game well past the point of finding a single path that works for him, because his goal is to achieve complete intellectual dominance of psychology, seduction and human social behaviour.

Men like Roosh, Krauser, Mystery, and the better posters at the Fast Seduction board are pickup artists. They could grow complacent, and coast off the fruits of their efforts for the rest of their lives if they wanted to. In fact, Roosh has recently opted for a mini-retirement from bleeding, so he can do just that. But as he alludes, he will eventually grow bored and return to the field to bleed some more.

99% of men, myself included, are not pick-up artists. Instead, we learn what we can from those who are, and buy their $10 books if we aren’t cheap bastards. Our goal is maximum improvement in our sexual relationships, with a minimum time investment.

So what’s the best strategy? In my opinion, a beginner should aim for extreme simplicity. Don’t waste your time memorizing huge numbers of openers, stories, and routines. Find a few good lines that work for you, and wear them every day for a year like you would a comfortable pair of boxers. Have a default first, second and third date plan that you can execute like clockwork. Refine it.

Eventually, you’ll be consistently successful and want to branch out. Try a new persona and energy level. Escalate faster. Push your comfort zone. Expand your repertoire to improve your flexibility, and sate your curiosity.

Around this time, you’ll start to depend less on the pick-up artists you used to turn to for guidance. You’ll understand the reasoning behind their techniques more deeply than you ever did before. You’ll realize that they are also imperfect men, figuring the world out one step at a time, trying to share the small corner of their world they’ve started to understand. Your own style will start to manifest, and you will shed the training wheels of others’ canned material for “lines” that are actually just a natural extension of your new personality.

This is when you’ve made the jump from clueless beginner, to a man who has actually started down the road to understanding women and how to get what you want from your relationships.

It’s easy to take for granted how easy it is for a rookie to quickly make this jump to basic competence. But consider how much crap the first generation of pickup artists had to invent, test through hundreds of rejections, and discard. Do you think approaching is scary? As a man starting his journey in 2011, you have the benefit of knowing that the material you have is great. Other men paid for that material in blood, and now offer it to you for a pittance, if not for free. If you’re a man, you owe it to them to go out there and use it.