Paleo Update: One Month In

A paradox of eating healthier is that you quickly become more susceptible to the ill effects of eating garbage. I learned this lesson over the past couple of days.

I joined some friends at a ski resort for the weekend. I spent 48 hours pumping beer, waffles, sandwiches, and pasta into my gut, while sleeping ~4-5 hours a night and skiing hard all day.

Most “normal” people would go through a weekend like that and feel crappy on Monday. Their bodies are used to gluten, lectins, insulin spikes, and the entire slate of metabolic syndrome symptoms.

But my body has grown accustomed to meat, animal fats and vegetables. It accepts no substitutes. So while I felt fine throughout the week, Sunday night found me a weak, tired, shivering mess. Monday morning, I had no energy, couldn’t concentrate, and could barely keep food down. Yesterday I was still a bit off, and only today do I feel human again.

Unfortunately, this is the routine that I’ve adopted: Eat well and exercise all week, then slack off for the weekend. Obviously I need to change this.

Overall though, I consider the past month a success. I’ve lived and eaten healthier than 95% of the people I pass on the street, learned a shit-ton about health and nutrition, and I feel stronger, leaner, faster, and more energetic than I did before. I’ve also proselytized the Paleo lifestyle semi-successfully to a few important people in my life, and that feels good.

Going forward, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing, but kick it up a notch:

– Stop weekend lapses in self-control

– Switch to grass-fed beef

– More yoga, heavier lifting

– Better sleep

– Less boozing

I’m also going to be conducting a few experiments:

– Naturally increasing my testosterone levels

– Avoiding unnatural light after 8pm

– Tanning to stimulate vitamin D production (and to stay FRESH)

So stay tuned for the results.


In case you’re a new reader, here is a primer on what I’m doing. If you want to learn more about Paleo eating and alternative health, start with Panu, Mark’s Daily Apple, and Gary Taubes.

If you’re bored as shit right now because you don’t care about health and just want to read about Game and Men’s Rights issues, check out this post by Assanova on the role of testosterone in creating “naturals” and read OneSTDV’s great series on vegetarianism as a form of anti-masculinity here, here and here.

Comments, questions and advice are all encouraged, especially if you have personal experiences to share.