Paleo Party Animal Protein Shakes

It’s a tough world for the fitness-conscious booze hound.

To your right are your party-animal buddies, generally unconcerned with the body-as-temple philosophy. To your left are the fitness, health and life-extension, uh, enthusiasts. They certainly have a lot of good advice, but many don’t understand a young man’s desire to balance work with play, lifting and nutrition with a weekly schedule that includes binge-drinking, 6 AM bed times, and unprotected sex with morally dubious women. I like to chalk my debauchery up to hormesis (See here, and here), but at the end of the day we need a middle ground.

In that spirit, I present Bronan The Barbarian’s Cocktail and Weightlifting Supplement Recipes. Required reading for any fellow Paleolithic Alcoholics in the audience.