Overheard on the Elevator

Three successful-looking middle-aged men

M1: “So what are your plans for the long weekend?”

M2: “Mostly just work around the house. Clean out the garage, vacuum, clean the bathrooms.”

M3: “Yup. Gotta run some errands, pick up a new kitchen table, do some cleaning.”

Two admin women, mid 40′s. No wedding rings.

W1: “Have you ever been to the racetrack? It’s a lot of fun.”

W2: “No, I haven’t. I wouldn’t know the first thing about what to bet on.”

W1: “Oh, it’s easy. They have the odds posted. And besides, I only bet two dollars a race. You can have dinner first, and if you get bored of the races, you can go play the slots.”

Another guy on my team:

Frost: “Hey Jason. So you’re going on vacation next week! Where are you doing?”

Jason (35ish, single, quiet, lonely): “Oh… nowhere this year. Just going to take it easy and relax at home.”


How many years can you spend in a suit before your fire goes out like theirs did?

This is your life, and it’s ending one day at a time.