On Travel

OneSTDV mocks the male travel blog genre, which probably includes me even though I haven’t gotten around to any actual travel blogging yet. I’ll make sure I’m qualified to respond by opening this post with an update.

I’ve been in Chiang Mai for just over one month now, and I’ve been having an absolutely incredible time. I’m living like a king – great food, regular massages, 3-5 hours a day of 1-on-1 Muay Thai training. I’ve met some really cool and interesting friends. I’ve been writing like a mad man, taking notes and drafting the first few chapters of my second and third books. I’ve been retardedly healthy, eating nothing but fresh meat and veggies, fruit shakes, and similar. Sleeping by 10pm almost every night. Didn’t have a drop of alcohol for a month. Reading constantly, burning through 2-3 meaty books a week.

In a week, I’m flying to Bangkok and meeting two (or three) of my best friends and we’re going to rock out with our cocks out up and down the subcontinent until mid-late February. After that I’m looking into a 3-week silent meditation retreat, and/or doing another month of Muay Thai or Ju Jitsu.

After THAT, I’m flying to Israel, then spending the summer backpacking through Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. Might as well see western civilization while some of it is still there, right?

My life right now is full of hard work, rapid learning, self-improvement, personal reflection, new experiences, new relationships, and freedom. Money is trickling out of my savings account at a slower pace than it’s trickling in, but I’m hoping to change that. Every day, I’m learning new ways to earn money on the road from books and some entrepreneurial-minded friends I’ve met out here.

I actually relate to a lot of One’s sentiments, and I made some similar points in (speaking of throwback week) this post.

As the men of my (and One’s) generation start to realize how royally screwed the USA is, their responses are going to fall broadly into two categories: 1) Flee, or 2) Stay an Fight. I think OneSTDV’s animus towards myself and other young male travelers is based on the impression that long-term travel implies door number two.

Leaving aside the question of which door is more fulfilling in the long run, or which door we’re morally obligated to take, I suggest that long-term travel is not only compatible with the Stay And Fight mentality, it is conducive to it. I honestly don’t mean to get personal or attack OneSTDV, a guy I have a lot of respect for, but I’d like to ask him: What exactly are you doing with your life that gives you the right to sneer at mine?

Aside from writing a valuable blog, my guess would be, not a whole lot. If One is secretly organizing counter-revolutionary cells and mimeographing restorationist pamphlets in his basement, than I concede his right to call me out on charges of unseriousness and frivolity. If his contribution to the Conservative movement begins and ends with onestdc.blogspot.com, well, I have a blog too.

On top of that, I am:

– Learning how to fight, and getting in the best shape of my life

– Reading through the western canon and completing a distance ed PhD in revisionist history under professors Moldbug and Foseti, with Kalim as TA

– Learning how to fund my life without the time suck of a nine-to-five job

– Throwing myself into new and intimidating situations that challenge my confidence and comfort zone

– Meeting new people and building a network that could come in handy in a lot of different ways in the future

Now, OneSTDV and I both believe that this think called Western Civilization is worth saving, and that a conflict looms over if it will be saved or not. Whether it involves guns or ideas, a war is coming for the heart and soul of the bruised and battered body (corpse?) of the West, and we will be fighting, or at least cheering, for the same side.

My second question for OneSTDV is thus: Which of us two will be a more valuable asset in that war, as a result of the life choices we’ve made?

I am going to emerge from this year of my life stronger, smarter, wiser, more self-aware, and just generally better than I am now. If an organized Reaction is to occur, it will require a small number of enlightened men who are vastly superior to the masses. We must be the Spartans at Thermopylae. Vagabonding and living abroad is my way of becoming the best version of myself that I can be. The Swedish gap-year girls, massages, happy shakes and parties are just fortuitous sideshows.