Naughty Nomad is home after charting the top ten travel destinations in West Africa and is writing a book.

Roosh is releasing Day Bang in just over two weeks.

Danger and Play, a new addition to my blog roll, has an excellent post on Lifestyle Game that echoes a lot of what I write here:

“Thus, if a guy comes to me saying he can’t meet women, I don’t ask him his opening lines. I tell him to start doing squats and eating more protein. I tell him to read a book, pick up an interesting hobby, start a business, and travel.

Once a man starts living the lifestyle of a man – that is, one filled with masculine activities – the women will come to him.

PUA style game is still important, and I read the game blogs and Roosh’s forum for tips. Still, most guys would nevertheless be better served by getting into shape, getting their careers in order, and developing good friendships with guys.

Game is marketing, and it should be no more than 25% of your time budget. The other 75% should be devoted to creating a superior product – namely, you.”

And finally, an accurate representation of a certain type of low-carb/keto/paleo adherent:


As you know, Freedom Twenty-Five is all about those double downs, but it’s the long weekend. I’m off to carbo-load on a dock for the next three days.