Male Standards Are Double Standards

Imagine a woman making the following statements:

“I want to marry a man who earns more than I do.”

“I would never date a guy shorter than me!”

“I only date [lawyers/professionals/musicians/jacked guys].”

Do you morally object to any of those? I don’t. Certainly no woman would ever feel ashamed to admit them. Now imagine a man making these statements in polite mixed company:

“I want a wife who will stay at home and raise our kids while I work.”

“I’m not the best-looking guy in the world, but I would never date an ugly girl.”

“I know I’ve banged a lot of chicks, but I’m definitely marrying a virgin.”

“I don’t want to date a woman my own age. Ew.”

Eyebrows are raised up to *here*, let me tell you.

In my life, I’ve been accused of having double standards more times than I can count. I’ve let myself get pudgy in the past, but would still only date fit girls. I’m a man whore but I would never commit to a slut. Now that I’m twenty-seven, I don’t see myself dating many women my own age for the rest of my life.

When these standards of mine come up in public, which they occasionally do when I’m in an irreverent mood, they elicit a chorus of denunciation – I am pronounced guilty of the foul crime of DOUBLE STANDARDS.

But as the first group of examples demonstrate, feminists and their mangina lapdogs have no fundamental problem with double standards per se. I have a friend who generally only bangs NHL players, despite the fact that she is not herself an NHL player. How dare she hold her lovers to a standard that she herself does not live up to! It’s clearly not a principled stand.

The Answer: “Double standards” is code for Male Standards.

There are certain qualities that men value more in women, than women do in men: Physical beauty, Youth, Chastity, Nurturing. High-value men will naturally pursue women who kill all four. But men derive their value from other factors, such as status, social dominance, power, money, and achievement. Inevitably, most high-value men will end up chasing women who are younger, hotter, more chaste, and more amenable to changing diapers than they are.

Feminist cries of “double standards!” are nothing more than an attempt to corral high-quality men into settling for ugly, old, man-jawed sluts. But I can’t possibly imagine why they would want to do that. Can anyone help me out with this stumper?