Looking For Inspiration?

Look no further than Gmac’s journey from player, in the Warcraft/Counterstrike sense of the word, to a player, in the sense that we’re more familiar with:

Part 1,

“Sadly, I was a virgin until I was 23 years old. That’s a tough thing to hear yourself say. Though technically I was still in college when it happened, it was still a lot later than most guys my age (though there are plenty of guys out there who lie constantly about their conquests). I’ll be the first to admit it was pretty pathetic… even my first time was a bit lucky because the girl who I banged I’d actually met online. No, not on a dating site.”

Part 2

“When I realized that my behavior, conversational skills, and appearance were part of the problem, I began to make subtle changes over time to become more attractive to women. It wasn’t something that occurred overnight, in fact it would still be at least another year before I would see any real results.”

Part 3

“I wouldn’t live my life knowing that I could be more. I made a conscious decision to change.”

The easiest way to change your life is to surround yourself with the sort of people you want to be like. Spend enough time e-hanging out with men who’ve made journeys like Gmac’s, and eventually it will seem normal to you.