I’m heading off on a four-day fact-finding mission into the heartland of Tea Party America, the results of which I’ll be sure to report back. If I survive, that is. If you’re hurting for reading in the meantime, here are a few links worth clicking:

Grerp returns, in fine fashion. I’ll take a few poignant anecdotes from someone I trust over all the statistics the BLS and BEA have to offer, when trying to understand what’s really going on in the US today.

Chuck and Ferd have at it out over capitalism, the Koch brothers, and class warfare. I’ll probably be weighing in next week with a longish post of my own.

Foseti instructs on the always-useful skill of making a vegan’s head explode. Also, see his review of Robert Welch’s The Politician. Any more reading recommendations for true histories of postwar America?

Danger and Play on how to avoid a false rape accusation. Men, when forced to choose between running the tightest game and taking the utmost precautions with your freedom and safety, pick the latter.

Naughty Nomad on five reasons to have an African girlfriend.