Just Waking Up in the Morning, Gotta Thank God

Today was a good day.

And it’s only 10 AM.

Three months ago, I started this blog because I realized something terrifying: I’m not happy with my life, but I’m just happy enough to continue in the rut I’ve dug for myself. By any traditional standard of what constitutes a successful life, I had ticked every box that a twenty-five year is expected to.

I should have been content. So why the itch? The nagging emptiness? How come I was spending every quiet, undistracted moment dwelling on the weeks and months slipping by? I’ve posed the question to many of my ostensibly-successful friends recently, and discovered that my quarter-life malaise is hardly unique.

Since then, I’ve found… Fulfillment? Complete awareness? Oneness with the Universe? Hardly. But I feel like I’ve broken out of my old routine, and I’m taking clumsy steps in the direction I want to go. I’m taking control of my health. I started planning for a life of travel, and gone on a month-long trip to Europe. I started writing and publishing my first novel. I started purging the crap from my life.

Most importantly though, I started this blog. And now I’m opening it up to the general public. Freedom Twenty-Five is now going live, in full link-whoring, comment-spamming, track-backing glory. I’m writing this blog partly for myself, but I also want to find as many smart and interesting readers as I can.

I also encourage commenting, on future posts as well as old ones.

This post is a good introduction to Freedom Twenty-Five, so I’ll be leaving it at the top of the page for a week. Regular posting will continue soon, and you’ll find plenty of posts in the archives to read until then.

Questions, comments, suggestions? I can be reached at freedomfrost25 (at) gmail (dot) com