If You Deny Reality, It Will Hurt You

If I set out to correct every piece of stupidity I ever found on the internet, I’d be a busy man.


So I usually let it slide when I come across a retard posting some stupid shit. Life’s just too short. But when that retard is a generally very non-retarded guy, and the stupid shit he writes is a rare outlier in an otherwise impressive body of work, exceptions must be made.

In Roissy’s post on testosterone, the author of Delusion Damage shows up in the comments to rouse some rabble and advocate for the sacred shibboleth of PUA that looks don’t matter. Quoth he:

“One of the best things about Game is that you DON’T have to spend your precious time lifting weights…”

“…because fuck spending two hours a day patronizing a gym. There are better things to do with one’s time, and there are more productive/enjoyable ways to maintain one’s health”

There are two claims here, one stated and one implied. Each is a delusion that DD labours under, and I’m going to take this opportunity to set him free.

The first is that learning Game conquers the need to work out and look good. In my travels around the PUA community, I’ve also encountered the related claims that if you have good Game, it doesn’t matter how you dress, how much money you make, how old you are, or how open a particular girl is to a one-night stand. Game is literally all you need, and attempts to improve your career, fitness, and target selection are all superfluous to the singular importance of good social skills.

But this broad claim is completely ridiculous. Game not only outranks, but completely negates all other factors? I strongly suggest that all men learn game as an early step in self-improvement and conscious living. I also agree that a skinny guy with game will usually out-lay a gym rat who can barely sputter out an introduction. But all else being equal, a man with a given level of charm and social savvy will have more success with women, the better-looking he is. Also, the richer he is, the closer to he preferred age range he is, the hornier she is on that particular day, and so on.

Game is a tool, and an incredibly useful one for the modern man. But it is not a magical elixir. It does not mean a fat, balding 60-year-old in greasy sweatpants can pick up 9s in an upscale club, provided he knows the right opener. A man who wants to improve himself and his ability to attract women should learn game. But improving your social skills is only one potential tool in your belt.


I also want to take on the implicit claim that getting fit requires spending two hours a day in a gym. I work out for no more than half an hour a week, and I’d guess I’m reaping 90-150% of the benefits of a 10-hour/week gym rat. If you work out HARD, and you supplement your workouts with sports, hiking, vigorous drunken sex, wrasslin’ with your dog, and other active hobbies that you enjoy doing for their own sake, half an hour per week is enough.

Delusion Damage is a great site, and I recommend checking it out. But hit the gym first.