I Live

Greetings from Kampot, a little Cambodian town just off the southern coast. It’s beautiful, except for the packs of wild dogs that roam the street after midnight. Says one local: “If they come at you, make like you’re picking up a rock on the ground and pretend to throw it at the leader. They’ll usually back down.”

We’re driving motorcycles to Sihanoukville tomorrow. Says our hostel owner: “It’s a rare day that I don’t see a body on the road when I make that drive.”

Life has been crazy and fun since I left Chiang Mai, but I’ll wait until I have more time to share those stories. I’ll continue to be pretty off the radar for the next couple of months. Rest assured though, big projects are in the works. Stay tuned for blog posts consisting of excerpts from the Freedom Twenty-Five Book, and my glorious return to the blogosphere in good time.

To anyone out there hemming and hawing over setting off into the world with a backpack, a laptop, and ambition, all I can say is – do it. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll die with a little bit less money. Or I suppose, you could get ripped apart by a pack of wild Khmer dogs. Still worth it.