I Can’t Make This Up

So I’m doing a little research on Fat Acceptance and I came across these two pages: Dear Fat White People and a response to white fat activism from People of Color in the fat justice movement. Apparently there’s a bit of a food fight going on among the Fat Acceptance people, between the anti-racists and the REALLY anti-racists.

The hilarity is already up on Twitter.

So readers, how do you feel about living in a world in which people like this are taken seriously?

Conservatives, how do you feel about your attempts to “save” western civilization?

Fat girls, how does my mockery make you feel in your big, greasy hearts? Fat girls, if this post made you feel sad, please mash your palm on the left side of the keyboard. If it just made you feel hungry, mash your palm on the right side. What’s it gonna be girl:

rsvdf\zdv sdvvsdvs dvs?