How to lose 10lbs in Three Days

This is a very special entry in the Wednesday Afternoon Gym Class Update series. I’m going to share the ultra-secret diet that enabled me to to lose ten pounds in only three days.

It’s easy, anyone can do it, and it doesn’t cost anything. In fact, you’ll save quite a bit of money on your food bill. Toilet paper is another story. Introducing: The Freedom Twenty-Five Three Day Diet. Please leave a comment if you think you can hook me up with a good patent lawyer, because this shit is hawt.

1) Sit down for dinner.

2) Ensure that the woman cooking for you does not understand that just because the smaller slab of pork is fully cooked, doesn’t necessarily mean the larger slab is cooked as well.

3) Be a man and take the large piece.

4) Spend three days with zero appetite, shitting lumpy chocolate milk

5) Check scale

6) Profit!

Baseline weight at the beginning of the The Freedom Twenty-Five Three Day Diet: ~225lbs.

Current weight: 214.5lbs



Seriously though, having to spend few days sick at home wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Having just finished a busy month, and gearing up for two even busier ones, it was nice to sleep in, read, watch some movies, and play some video games. What can I say? At times, I’m a nerd-baller and proud of it.

Now that I’m fully recovered, I’ll be putting the weight back on almost immediately. I’ve been eating full meals, and I’ve got a good full-body ache going on from an intense half-hour workout of jump-squats, free lunges, pull-ups, bench press, and plyometrics yesterday.

Over the next two months however, I will actually be dropping ten or so pounds. But hopefully via healthier means than diarrhea and starvation.

I’m pretty happy with my current body composition, but because of some major lifestyle changes coming in mid-October (announcement coming soon) I won’t be weight training with any regularity for some time. I’ll be dropping some muscle weight regardless, so I’d like to do a controlled leaning out now, so I don’t slide into chubby-ex-muscle-man mode. Here’s my game plan, taking into account that I’m already eating what I consider to be an optimal paleo diet, which to me is 80-90% good paleo food, with semi-frequent concessions at dinner parties, bars, family BBQ’s etc, and exercising quite a bit:

1) Smaller portions

I only eat 1-2 meals a day, so I have a tendency to gorge at each one. Salad for lunch? Double steak, double cheese please. Bacon and a huge 4-egg omelette for dinner? Sure. As a young, paleo-abiding, active, resistance-training man, I’ve gotten away with the unhealthy habit of eating well past the point of satiation, and into the realm of comatose, without it having a negative effect on my body composition. From now on, I’m reducing the portions on my standard meals (three specific meals make up about 75% of my caloric intake) by 25%.

2) Lighter Weights

I’m changing my workout routine to focus on body weight exercises, rather than heavy weights. No more 3-rep sets of bench and leg press. Pull-ups become pull-downs once I can’t do more than 12. More yoga, more stretching, more plyo.

3) More Light Activity

I’m going to start walking/jogging to work once a week. No big deal, you say, but Google maps informs me it’s a three-hour trek. Also, more biking, and a round of golf every weekend.

4) Embrace hunger

I already fast one day every week or two, but I’m rarely hungry outside that window. I’m going to start embracing the slight hunger of having gone eight hours without a meal, and cherish the peckishness that comes from only eating a half-meal when my body expects a full.

5) Saw off my arm

If I don’t make it down to 215lbs by September 1st, and 205 by October 1st.


Have you been successful at losing weight and leaning out recently? Are you working on it now? Please share any experiences and advice in the comments.