How To Find A Wife

Come now, Frost… What do you know about fatherhood, or required reading to prepare for it? I think you’ve got some good points about the average quality of women in our society, and I know that our mating culture has declined further since I was in your stage of life (I’m about 10 years your senior). Still, I feel compelled to call you on your inexperience here, on a couple points.

1. “If you want to be a father, choose your mate with your brain, not your heart or your dick.”

Here is your first grave mistake. You might use your brain to approve or rationalize your choice of a mate, but if you *choose* her using your brain, you’re short circuiting your most valuable mating instincts, passed down to you by countless generations of successful fathers. Furthermore, if you use your brain for this, you’re falling prey to the same trap as the social engineers: building your life based on ideas (i.e. illusory mental constructs) rather than following your heart, your gut, and, yes, your dick, to live the actual life that’s right in front of you.

2. “Get her passwords.” You are clearly not in love. Which is sad, because you are clearly variable of