Hot, Young Women: Ignore Everybody (Except Me)

This post is the thrilling conclusion to Part 1: Who Benefits From The Sexual Revolution?

We left off with this revelation:

The Sexual Revolution harms attractive women, and unattractive men. It benefits unattractive women, and attractive men.

But now let’s dig a bit deeper.

First question: Why is the sexual revolution happening in the first place? Obviously because powerful people support it.

It’s easy to see why powerful men would support easy sex. Powerful men are attractive, almost by definition. They are supporting a paradigm in which they get laid more, at the expense of the powerless. Duh. Those most harmed by the revolution are busy playing video games and watching their twenties evaporate in mediocrity. They are not the movers-and-shakers of the world.

But why are powerful and attractive women supporting the cheapening of their greatest source of power? (Power and attractiveness are close to synonymous for both men and women – the difference is in the direction of causality). The most attractive women have the most to lose from the breakdown of monogamy, and yet… not a whimper from them. The best women, in my experience, frequently find themselves playing the role of pseudo-girlfriend to the top men, shedding many tears over their boyfriend’s repeated infidelities and constant refusal to commit.

It never seems to occur to the hot girls of the world that the sexual revolution is the cause of their troubles. Without it, the best that a top man could do is find a top woman, and devote his life to her. In our present dystopia,  he can find that top woman, and rip her heart and soul to pieces by maintaining a harem of flings on the side.

If it wasn’t for the legions of female 7′s and 8′s throwing themselves at the male 9′s, the female 9′s could have their men all to themselves. But in the world as it is, they will always be competing with the omnipresent availability of cheap and easy sex.

So why don’t the hottest women ever scream: “Fuck off, you mediocre sluts! Leave my boyfriend alone! Why don’t you go date someone at your level, instead of ruining my relationship!” Why don’t they realize how much they’re losing?

To answer this, we need to look at the lifecycle of female attractiveness.



Men like younger women. This is an immutable fact of human biology, untouchable by culture and social programming. Deep in our hindbrains, we’re all trying to maximize our reproductive success, and chasing after barely-fertile 45 year olds doesn’t help that cause.

Neither a woman’s or a man’s sexual marketplace value is set for life. A man can drastically change his value my hitting the gym, making more money, learning Game, dressing better, and so on. A woman can do all of the above as well (yes, game is for girls to – what do you think this post is about?) but there is an additional factor that has a comparatively massive effect on her value: Age.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of age on a woman’s sexual attractiveness. From an evolutionary perspective, not only are younger women more fertile at a given age, but a man committing to one can also expect to benefit from subsequent high-fertility years. So while a 30 year old woman is (roughly) twice as fertile as a 40-year old, the 30 year old is much more than twice as attractive.

From a more personal perspective, years of dating have given me a good sense of the toll that age takes on the typical woman. At 19, most girls are somewhat attractive: Their skin is smooth; An extra 10lbs is carried well; The bubbly energy and innocence of youth pallatiates her personality flaws. In five years however, those advantages will evaporate, and the 10lbs will have turned into 20. A 7 at nineteen will be a 5 at twenty-four, and a 3 by thirty. The only exceptions to this rapid decline are legitimate 9′s, who can retain their looks into their early 30′s. But even for them, the mere fact of their age will dissuade quality men from a long-term commitment.

So we have a interesting wrinkle in the competing interests of attractive Vs. unattractive women: They are the same people, but at different phases in their lives. The struggle between attractive and unattractive is also the struggle between young and old.


I’ll now cite the hilariously accurate Sailer Law of Female Journalism:

“The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.”

Have you ever noticed that the most numerous and impassioned cries for young women to embrace the sexual revolution – sleeping around, avoiding marriage and child-rearing, and generally making what any women in any culture and any time period other than our own would consider to be terrible life choices – come from ugly, old, lonely women? Browse through some SlutWalk photo galleries. Read up on Dalrock’s multiple exposes of bitter old women’s campaign against marriage. Check out the author photos at Jezebel and Feministe.

Hot, young girls of the world –  the generation before yours has wasted their lives, and now seeks to encourage you to waste yours, so they can preserve what shred of sexual value they still have, and soothe themselves that their lonely, childless adulthood doesn’t reflect poorly on the choices they’ve made. The greatest fear of the feminists is that desirable women like yourselves will wake up the lies they’ve been fed, embrace their feminine modesty, and cast the harsh light reality on of the fat, shrill, used-up slutwalkers and middle-aged divorcees.

If the current generation of young women were to absorb the lessons in this blog post, they would absolutely slaughter the “liberated” women of yesterday’s ideology in the competition for the best men.

The only reason they haven’t done so yet is a lack of leadership. The generation before yours has a vested interest in preserving the status quo, knowing that self-improvement on your part will expose their flaws all the more clearly.

Fortunately though, leaders have started to appear. Ladies, bookmark each of these sites: Hooking Up Smart, Dalrock, Grerp, and Badger Hut. Read their archives. Subscribe to their RSS feeds. Immerse yourself in the world of the sexual counter-revolution, and critically evaluate which approach will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life for you.

Perhaps you’ve wondered: Why are our attitudes towards sex and relationships contrary to pretty much every successful culture, in every time period in human history? Why has the glorious sexual revolution seemed to have coincided with the collapse in marriage, trust, and birth rates across the western world? If feminism is truly about helping women to be happy, why isn’t it working?

The answer is that you’ve been lied to. You’ve been tricked. And you’ll continue to engage in self-destructive behaviours until you wake up from your slumber and reassert your control over the choices you make.