Home for a rest

First, the obvious question: How was the trip?

It was a blast! London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague and Berlin in four weeks. Lonely Planet-guided tours of the historical and cultural highlights of western civilization by day, partying with old and new friends by night. But do you really want to read about every cathedral, dinner, world heritage site and club that I went to? Do I really want to write about them? Nope! So let’s jump right into some announcements.

The Book

Like every restless, angsty twenty-something with a blog, I have a half-finished book lingering on my hard drive. Actually, I have several, but one in particular strikes me as especially worth finishing. So I’m going to finish it.

In the past, I’ve tended to write 20-100 pages before I get caught in an endless cycle of editing and re-writing. After that, my motivation lags when I stop making forward progress and… well I don’t give up. Oh no. But life just seems to get a whole lot busier.

But not now. I’ve aborted enough unfinished novels. I don’t care if it reads like nails on a chalkboard – I am carrying this mangled, down syndromed-fetus to term. I even have a working title that just came to me now: Trig. Awful, I know.

Anyways. Rather than publish it through traditional venues – i.e. agent, publishing house, daytime talk show promotional tours – I’m going to serialize it for free on a separate blog, which I will link to regularly from here. Blog address, details, and the first chapter will arrive shortly.


Now that I’ve built up a respectable archive, I’m going to start trying to find a readership for this blog. It’s been fun, muttering to myself like an insane homeless person for the past 20 or so posts, but one of my goals here has always been to collect an intelligent group of commenters to come along for the ride.

So how does one go about promoting a blog? The question deserves its own lengthy post. But I’ll wait until I’ve had at least some success before I presume to teach others.

A Change in Tone

I’ve taken a deep breath and splashed some cold water on my face since this blog’s frantic beginning, and my writing style will be different as a result. Maybe it was the vacation, maybe writing this blog has been cathartic, or maybe it’s just the natural ebb and flow of my brain’s dopamine levels. Whatever the reason, I will save the tortured-soul shtick for my Livejournal and focus instead on the mission:

“To narrate and inspire my rise from what I am – a content and conventionally successful young guy, one year into his tenure at a prestigious, but soul-destroying desk job – into what I want to be: An Artist. A Man. A genuinely happy and fulfilled person, whose life is spent creating and experiencing the sublime.”

Well, that and uploading funny videos. Life doesn’t get any more sublime than this.