Holy Jesus Motherfucking Christ On A Tuk-Tuk

It’s Sunday night.

In exactly 36 hours, I’ll be watching a smiling flight attendant demonstrate how to buckle a seat belt, just in case I’ve spent my entire life so far on horseback.

I’ve said all my goodbyes, not that I’m big on them anyways. My friend’s lives will go on, as they always do. My Dad and I are realizing that we actually really, really liked living together, and we’re going to miss it. Don’t worry Dad, I say. [My brother] will be done school in 6 months, and then you’ll have him and his girlfriend to keep you company. My Grandpa, no stranger to the NATO Air Force bases around the Pacific Rim, told me with a stern look: “Bring Condoms. And use ‘em!” Of course there was no shortage of ladyboy jokes.

The Freedom Twenty-Five book is ready for a December 1st launch, just like I promised, after I realized the original goal of November 1st was unrealistic and rescinded on that promise. It’s a damn good book, in my completely unbiased opinion, and I highly recommend you buy multiple copies for everyone on your Christmas list this year.

Since I’ll be spending the next week packing, flying, and adjusting to the fact that I’m about to take a one-way flight to the other side of the world, I’ve lined up a series of guest posts. Tomorrow’s is by Johnny Milfquest. The rest are by some fine writers for whom I’ve always had a special connection with.

Last night, I partied all day and night with all the close friends I’ve known for between 3-10 years. Tomorrow night, I’m spending with Buzz Lightyear (Did that hilarious joke just go fwoosh over your head? Must be because you don’t follow me on Twitter). One final walk with my Dad and my dog in the afternoon. One final call to my brother and sister. I may have just taken the last shit that I’ll take in this house for many years.

After that, my entire life is literally up in the air. Me and everything I own, 20,000 feet over the Pacific. Tokyo, Bangkok, then finally – Chiang Mai, my new home for the next month and a half.

In the past year, I learned a lot about how to kick ass in a very small and well-defined corner of the world. I shared as much of that as I could through this blog and the Freedom Twenty-Five book. Humility aside, I think I did a damn good job, and put together a resource that will help a lot of people.

Now, I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing. I am utterly and completely clueless. I am jumping headfirst into a country, a lifestyle, a sport (details to come), and a business (more details to come) in which I am a space monkey, pure and simple. And it feels incredible, like wanting to laugh, scream, and sprint all at the same time. I have conquered my small, insular world, and now I’m off in search of a bigger pond.

I’ll be back next Monday, or thereabouts. In the meantime, enjoy the breakout guest talent I’ve lined up for you, and wish me luck.