Hoisted From The Comments

Many thoughtful replies in reply to my adolescent hand-wringing over whether to torch bridges or not during my upcoming departure from the ranks of the gainfully employed. For any similarly conflicted souls who (foolishly) skip the comments here at F25, here’s a selection of insightful comments:

“Leaps of faith are overrated. We always hear stories about the guy who went all-or-nothing and came out on top, because those stories are the most heroic and memorable. In reality, most people who do that fail hard and disappear” – Jeff

“The only difference between the 1 year sabbatical and quitting is in your mind. The logical thing to do is take the sabbatical and be disciplined enough to work as if it isn’t an option.

Remember, most of the people telling you to take the plunge and live the dream are either not living it, or making a living telling other people how to live the dream. Do you want to be like that?” – NomadicNeill

“You’re going to get far different advice from guys who are 25 years old and making no money and guys who are older and actually making cash while living a playboy lifestyle. Just going back to a cubicle at 30 is much harder than guys realize. Plus, by 30 you should be making a grip of cash, you’ll still be good looking, and if you have 100=200K, you can take a sabbatical…

…Until you have a business or general idea that’s so consuming that all else falls aside, stay at your job. If/when that happens, quitting won’t even be an option.

Right now, you want to run away from your job. Don’t. Wait until you have something concrete to run towards. Once that happens, sprint!” – Mike

“Take the year. Nothing to lose. Cowardly doesn’t come into it. Take the year, buy a pack and a ticket, and start travelling – then re-evaluate where you’re at when you’ve decompressed from that environment, seen some of the world and had some new experiences, read some more books, and had a chance to think about your directions and priorities. Then in three months time you can still delay the decision, return to work, travel more, fuck the job off, whatever. If you fuck the job off and want to return to the same industry in a year or two then it’s still not going to fuck up your career. It’ll just flatten out the upward trajectory for a bit. Stop your catastrophic / all or nothing thinking. And the Tim Ferriss lifestyle is great – but you’ll probably need to be working for a year or two in some form of job, whilst building a business on the side, before you can quit and really live a ‘four hour work week’. Probably longer than that.

Trust me – it doesn’t take long for being unemployed (i.e. not travelling or choosing not having a ‘job’, but being broke and needing a job) to become really shit.

Six months of non-stop travel and no regular address will give you a better feel for whether you want to Roosh it forever or not.” – Nick