Game Is For Men Who Are Already Getting Laid

Learning Game beyond a basic level is useless for men who aren’t already doing well with women. If you aren’t getting laid in our sex-soaked culture, chances are it’s because you’re making a few simple, stupid mistakes. Until you address those mistakes, all the time you spend immersed in jargon-heavy PUA literature will be a waste of time.


What do I mean by simple mistakes?

Well, being ugly is a common one. Not every man has the genes to be on a magazine cover, but if you’re in good shape, well-dressed and well-groomed, you’ll likely be in the top quartile of American men in terms of physical appearance simply because the competition is so dismal. Fat people may be gross, but they make it easier for the rest of us the look hawt in comparison.

Social awkwardness is another one-way ticket to celibacy. If you’re the type to make stupid jokes and then laugh nervously at yourself while the room goes silent, you need to fix that. Work on your conscious social skills by reading about social dynamics, and practice in contrived situations like toastmasters and amateur improve. You can also work on your unconscious competence by leaving the house and putting yourself in social situations whenever possible. This will be stressful if you’re an introvert, but start thinking of people as just another system to master and unleash your Aspergers-enhanced pattern recognition skills on them.

Then there are the mistakes that you can avoid by learning the core principles of game, and getting a basic understanding of female psychology. If you’re acting like a pussy around women, stop it. Boom, I just saved you a thousand dollars in bootcamps and shitty e-books.

Finally there’s the most common mistake of all made by young men trying to get laid in the 21st century: Living a purposeless life.

What’s your dream? What are your goals? If your first answer is to get laid, you will reek of desperation. Your inability to talk about your life with passion will bore the people around you, women included. Even if you just want to paint/write/play guitar/write open-source software and fuck, if you do that consciously – if you OWN it – that’s more than good enough. It’s certainly better than living the obedient life of the mortgage-paying corporate serf, even though society may call the latter more “goal-oriented.”


So let’s say you’ve avoided those simple mistakes. You’ve gotten to a point where you’re:

– Good-looking

– Socially Savvy

– Approaching girls and not acting submissive around them

– Passionately pursuing one or more worthy goals

Congratulations, you’re in the top 10% of American young men in terms of sexual value. Maybe even top 5%. People love to complain about how stratified the sexual marketplace is, but it’s often overlooked that the upper echelon is well within the reach of most men.

But once you get your shit together and start getting laid with some regularity, your life becomes a lot more complicated. You find yourself wanting to increase the consistency of your one-night stand game; you’re juggling multiple relationships; turning over rocks looking for those rare top-quality girls; trying to figure out how to incorporate children and a family into a hypergamous world. Suddenly, you need to probe deeper into the theory and practical details of sex and relationships. In other words, you need Game.

Until you reach the point that point however, time and effort memorizing routines and rehearsing body language will be better spent making yourself into a better person. Get in shape. Get your career sorted out. Start a blog.  Make self-improvement, not women, your priority in life. You’ll get more girls in the long run, and more importantly, you’ll enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror.