Game Is Different For Good-Looking Men

You still say that your parents taught you to be chivalrous yet you were *naturally* nice – do you really not get the contradiction? Come on, dude. Since you have trouble grasping so simple a a logical distinction there is probably little chance youll really grasp any of the other, equally simple, logical distinctions I make, but what the hell.

No one *naturally* opens doors for other people, they have to be socially conditioned to do that. What I am saying is that most *nice guy* behaviors are the result of social conditioning. You were taught you had to do that stuff to get women to *like you* – much like game teaches you you have to do thing to get women to *like you* – both are an epic fail.

Heres an utterly radical idea – how about not trying to get women to *like you* but just act in a way that YOU like? Not the way society tells you to make women like you, and not the way game tells you to make women like you.

How do you think youde feel about yourself? Do you think you would have more or less self-respect? Do you think women would respect you more, or less?

Now hold on – you are probably just itching to respond *well, what if what *I* want is to act like a doormat to women? Will women respect me then?* Think about that for a moment – do you know anyone who naturally just enjoys being a doormat? Or is it rather the case that people are are doormats because they think thats the way to get people to like them, or because they want to get something from that person? In other words, being a doormat is being inauthentic to get others to like you, because human nature just isnt built to make us *want* to be doormats.

The problem with game is that it tells you not to be a doormat in societys way, true, but it replaces this with a whole set of other doormat behaviors – being extra smiley and complimentary when you dont feel it just to get someone to like you is a society doormat behavior, but being all aloof and stoic when you dont feel like it is a game doormat behavior. Both makes someone elses approval more important than your own desires.

So you define game as just stopping societys doormat behavior – I guess we have no argument then! Oh wait, but below – just like I predicted – you start explaining to me why its necessary to put others approval over your own when considering how to behave. Sigh. I kinda knew youde do that.

So we prove ourselves to bosses, uh? Let me ask you an interesting question – who is in the superior position, you or your boss? Are you suggesting to me that this is who we should view women, as the superior ones who we need to prove ourselves to?

Well, maybe we do need to prove ourselves to women – but then, the idea that women like men with *higher value* really has to go out the window, dont you think? You see, you really DO have quite a good grasp of the social dynamics of *proving* oneself – the inferior does it.

The person with *higher value* does not need to prove himself. In a boos/employee relationship, your boss is the one with higher value. If you are seriously saying this is how we should view man/female interactions, then you clearly dont believe that women like *higher value* men.

But you probably do, because your limitless capacity for cognitive dissonance is matched only by your inability to grasp simple logical distinctions.

You see, tenthring, NOT *proving yourself* is the surest indication that you actually do possess higher value, which is why game does not work – it relies on one massive effort to *prove* oneself, which is just one massive indication that you have *lower value*.

But even more, when I am dealing with a boss, I am not dealing with values, I am dealing with the reality of whether I possess a skill or not. I am not putting HIS values above my own values and trying to change myself in order to fit his VALUES – I am trying to show that I possess a skill. When I deal with a girl, if I change myself to fit HER idea of what man she likes, I am putting HER opinion and HER values above my own, if this is not the kind of man *I* value and am, naturally.

Even with a boss, believe it or not, if it comes to faking my values and opinions and who I am and not just demonstrating a skill, doing so WILL diminish my self-respect and make me less likely to be hired, probably. Shrewd bosses often look for the guy who does not fake himself – even at the risk of offending his boss, and respect that guy more. In the realm of values and personality and not skill, the ass kisser does not go very far, even in business.

So even in business faking yourself is a losing strategy, because no one respects the person who does not respect himself.

As for your other points about nose picking and such, just as it is my right to demand respect from others, I have an obligation to respect others – its the other side of the same coin. If others are pained and hurt by something that is not essential to my values, I show them respect by not doing that, just as I hope they do for me. I agree not to disgust them just as I expect them not to disgust me. But to sacrifice my values and fake my personality to be liked them, that is the same in your mind?

And at the end you say you I dont want to do game because it involves getting rid of beta behaviors, when my whole point is that game is about adopting a whole new set of beta behaviors – I gave specific examples of this , and you did not respond to any of that, so there is little I can say.