Freedom Twenty-Five

Welcome to Freedom Twenty-Five.

This project began close to a year ago, with my realization that I had accomplished every goal I was ever supposed to aspire to in life.

I had tacked a pair of fancy degrees to my wall, which were supposed to guarantee me a life of rewarding and well-compensated work. I was earning good money at an interesting job that rarely required more than forty hours a week of my time. Throughout my adult life, I had either been in relationships with incredible girls, or juggled a mini-harem. I had great friends and a close family. My rec hockey team had just won the city championship. Fresh out of school and less than a year into grown-up life, I was riding high and my dick was swinging low. I was happy as a pig in warm, runny shit.

But then I realized something.

This was it. In school, you’re working towards graduating. Once you’re out, there’s no more light at the end of the tunnel that you can use to deceive yourself into thinking what you’re doing has meaning. You see that it’s just the same crap for the rest of your life, with a bit more money and prestige each year, and the occasional gnawing in your gut as you realize that you’ve given up on all of your childhood dreams. I woke up to that reality, and decided I had to do something. I started a blog, and vomited my thoughts all over the blogosphere. It was a blast. You can read the archives here.

This website is the teen-age iteration of Freedom Twenty-Five. Six months ago, I wrote that this blog’s mission is:

“.. to narrate and inspire my rise from what I am – a content and conventionally successful young guy, one year into his tenure at a prestigious, but soul-destroying desk job – into what I want to be: An Artist. A Man. A genuinely happy and fulfilled person, whose life is spent creating and experiencing the sublime.”

And those goals remain in place. But I’m going to take this opportunity to expand on that mission statement. Going forward, these are the principles that will guide the next phase of the Freedom Twenty-Five project:

1) My Core Focus Will Be Self-Improvement and Conscious Living.

I’ve written primarily about self-improvement from the beginning. How to get healthy. How to get rich. How to get laid. How to get smart. I’m not a guru in any of those areas, but someone has to pretend – Why not me? All I can offer is humility in the face of my own ignorance, and a willingness to learn from those wiser than me.

But I’ll also be expanding my self-improvement repertoire beyond the material, the shallow, and the superficial. Of course, I’m all about the money cash hoes – but I’m adding an intellectual, and perhaps even a spiritual component to my journey. I’m going to read great books. I’m going to learn from the wisdom of the men who built western civilization from the ground up. I’m going to force myself to get the true education denied to me by day-care K12  and a clown-college university curriculum.

2) I’m Introducing a New Format: The Self-Directed PhD

Long-time readers will recognize this as an idea first alluded to here.

The goal of the Self-Directed PhD is to introduce structure, goals, timelines and crowdsourcing to my self-education. Ultimately, I want to use this project to guide and motivate me to become a better, more complete person.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Every three months, I will choose a set of skills and subjects to learn, complete with self-assigned reading materials and self-administered final exams. I’ll use this blog to track my progress, share what I’ve learned, and poach ideas from readers and commenters for subjects and readings.

2) This Website Will Be More Than Just a Hobby.

I want to make enough money writing that I can afford to do it full time. To this end, I’ve created an Amazon affiliate account, so I earn a cut when you purchase the books I recommend via my links. If you want to support Freedom Twenty-Five and help me out, visit my bookstore and do some shopping.

Until I start earning fuck-you money though, Freedom Twenty-Five remains one of my primary sources of eustress and inspiration, and I’ll be devoting as much time to it as my life allows.

3) The Scope of This Project is Expanding.

Why do I write, when I could be lying on the couch, dick in hand?

You can find my initial reasons for starting Freedom Twenty-Five here. All of them remain true, but I’m adding a new bullet point to this blog’s mission statement: Freedom Twenty-Five is going to save the world.

In case you haven’t noticed, our generation has been completely abandoned by the dying civilization that produced it. Our families are broken, our culture is hot garbage, and our education system churns out pablum-fed mediocrities, as ignorant as they are sophistic.

Cheesy as it sounds, we need to break free from the mainstream if we are to realize our potential as human beings. We need to accept that our formal education has failed us. We need to disconnect from the news and pop-culture machine that dulls and distracts us. We need to rediscover the wisdom of our ancestors, and use it to pull ourselves out of the dark hole we find ourselves at the bottom of.

Basically, we have two choices: Either we roll over and die, or we rebuild our once-great society to her previous heights and beyond.

If we choose the first option, we can continue in the parasitic tradition bequeathed to us. We can reap the social benefits of feigning allegiance to the ideologies that led us down this path, and scramble for the few remaining jobs in law, finance, HR, government, heavily unionized professions, and so on. We can live lives of reckless hedonism, rejecting any learning that doesn’t directly improve our material lives. I’m tempted to say this is the easy path, but the reality is that being a parasite on a nearly blood-dry host is no fun at all.

The other option – the only real choice – is to start the process of rebuilding, rediscovering and reclaiming the economic, social and scientific capital of western civilization. This is a process that can only begin with the complete rejection of the world our parents left to us, and the honest acceptance of our mediocrity as a generation. Once we do that, we can start the process of actually understanding – and hopefully fixing – the world. One blog post at a time.