Freedom 101

Welcome to Freedom Twenty-Five. This page will operate as a tour guide for new readers, and an easy way for veterans to browse the best and most popular posts on the site.

If you’re new, my first post is a fine place to start. Also, read my extremely vague biography. Briefly: This blog’s mission will be to narrate and inspire my rise from what I am – a content and conventionally successful young guy, one year into his tenure at a prestigious, but soul-destroying desk job – into what I want to be: An Artist. A Man. A genuinely happy and fulfilled person, whose life is spent creating and experiencing the sublime.

How exactly am I going to do that? I don’t know. But here are a few things I’m going to try.

I want to eliminate the unnecessary from my life, and focus on what really matters. I want to travel (and not just because my generation is obsessed with it). I want to write. I want to live an unconventionally successful life. I want to do a PhD on my own terms.

Until I get all that sorted out, I want to improve my fitness. I want to start businesses (coming soon) that I can own and manage from abroad, providing me with a hassle-free stream of income. I want to absolutely conquer my current job, soul-sucking though it may be, both to keep doors open in the future, and for a Sisyphean desire to always be excellent at whatever it is I’m doing.

I also write about co-ed floor hockey, effective networking techniques, work-life balance and a few other topics.

So check some links out. If they interest you, please subscribe, comment, and stick around.